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Thread: P2000sk- Questions/Recommendations for someone new to HK

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    Question P2000sk- Questions/Recommendations for someone new to HK

    I'm applying for my FL CCW and I am in the market for a CCW semiauto. I have narrowed it down to the HK P2000sk, Glock 23 & 27. I prefer .40SW, so I am not looking for suggestions on this round vs. that round. I currently only own a Glock 22, but I have had a G30 in the past which was a bit too thick for my tastes, and again, I would like to stick with one caliber throughout my collection. I have owned nothing but Glocks to this point, but I have been interested in HK for some time now and have done some searches on this great forum, but I have a few questions, especially as I have no experience with HK, so I thought the membership would be the best place to start.

    I certainly don't want to turn this into a Glock vs. HK discussion. I believe that Glocks are wonderful guns, but I know that its hard to argue the sheer quality of an HK. I have held the USPc, P2000, P2000sk and it seems as though in terms of size, that the P2000sk is truly the best package for concealability, but I certainly don't have the experience, so any suggestions are welcome.

    I guess my questions are two fold:

    1) What should I expect in terms of similarities, differences when owning an HK vs. my Glock (field stripping, cleaning and lubing, etc).

    2) Suggestions as to reliable carry ammo for a less than 4" barrel (my Glock 22 ammo is Ranger 165g R40TA for the home)

    I really am looking forward to my first HK purchase, but I'm just looking to gain some knowledge as to what to expect coming from another OEM.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Don't worry, I'm a Glock and HK guy too so your not going to hear any needless anti-Glock comments coming from me. I also am not going to berrate your choice of caliber. However I am going to give you an honest assement of both pistols in comparison to one another.

    The major difference in the Glock and the HK is the grip. The P2000 in particular has a great grip but it may take you a while to get used to the angle. As far as field stripping, it's virtually the same on both pistols. Take out the slide lock on an HK and the slide comes off, disassembly is identical to the Glock from that point on. In my eyes its easier to go from Glock to HK then it is to go vice versa. I think thats why so many die-hard HKers dislike the feel of the Glock.

    If you decide to go Glock again, get the G23. I own both a G19 and a G26 and if I had to pick one it would be the G19. The G19 is not much larger than the G26 and as hard as I try I cannot justify sacrificing 5 rounds of ammo for the small reduction in size/weight that the G26 offers. The G23 is a compact like the G19 and is easy to conceal.

    The P2000 is a great handgun (I've never fired an SK). It is also light and easy to conceal and the option of having the LEM trigger is a big plus if you like DAO. If you favor the .40 then the full size P2000 would probably manage the muzzle flip better than the SK.

    I use Speer Gold Dot as my carry ammo. Out of the Subcompact (G27 or P2000sk) I prefer the "short barrel" stuff because it performs a little better. For carry ammo always go with a hollow pointed round, preferbly jacketed which is a must for the Glocks.
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    That's good to know as I'm really dying to own an Hk, but I was worried about the differences.

    When you reference "short barrel" ammo, I'm not sure I understand the differences or is it recommended to go with lighter/heavier bullet weight, etc...

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    Some manufacturers make "short barrel" ammo for sub-compacts, J-frame, etc. The powder burns faster.

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    Last week I received my P2000sk .40. It's my first HK and so far I love it. I'm 5'8" and 155lbs and the grip (with the standard pinkie extention magazines) just barely fits my hand so you may not like it if you have big hands. The recoil is quite well managed, and the grip angle and feel of the gun fit me perfectly and I have become more accurate with it than I thought possible.

    I'd pick the P2000sk if your hand is small to medium sized. The gun comes with two mags and both have the pinkie extention. If you've got big hands I'm not sure how easy it is to find flat magazine base plates to let your pinkie hang free.

    Personally I got away from Glock 5 years ago. Glocks have never failed me but I just find them too ugly and there are other guns that feel better in my hand.

    As far as ammo I am carrying Remington Golden Saber for CC but Federal HydroShok have also proven reliable. I had one failure to feed with Speer Gold Dot. Whichever defence round you choose make sure you give it a good test to make sure it performes 100% in whatever gun you choose.

    As a side note I really like the S&W M&P compact if only it were as reliable as a Glock, Sig or HK. I love the feel of the grip and I like it's styling. I've had too many reliability problems to recommend it for CC but it would be a fun range gun.

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    Well, I own a GLOCK 26 (same size as a 27) and an HK P2000.

    Overall, I like the P2000 better. For concealment a P2000SK and GLOCK 27 should be about the same. You mentioned, however, you own a GLOCK 22. That means you can use the full size GLOCK magazine in the small 27, should you choose (carry a full size backup magazine).

    As far as field stripping goes, the slide doesn't come off the frame like a GLOCK, but other than that, it's all the same. Frankly, the HK seems more pleasant to strip. Oil and lube is pretty much the same. Just follow the manual.

    Ammo? I like Hornaday TAP. From many gels I've seen TAP seems to be a very good penetrater. However, you can't go wrong with Remington Gold Sabers, Winchester Ranger-T's, or Federal HST.

    When dealing with pistol ammunition, the difference in barrel length between a full size say GLOCK 17 and a sub like a GLOCK 26 isn't drastic enough to make a difference. As the GLOCK 26 still has a roughly 3.5" barrel. Most pistol cartridges also use a faster burning powder than revolver cartridges (iirc), making changes in barrel length in this regard relatively moot. If you're not seeing a huge ball of fire shoot out the front of the gun, chances are the powder is burning completely.

    The barrel length issue really comes into play when using rounds like .357 magnum. The blast of .357 magnum from a 2" snub is so fiery because of the excess powder burning off.

    You will lose marginal velocity out of the shorter barrel and sight radius, but that is about all.

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    Thumbs up P2sk

    I have a P2sk 9mm Lem with NS I use Corbon DPX 115 gr. +p it is an excellent round for the P2sk.I cut my finger extension back so it feels better in my hand.Also have a P2sk .40 lem with .357 barrel on order.Glocks are good H&Ks are better!Just my 2 cents.

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    I don't like the p2000 series guns. I don't like the grip on them. Never could get used to it. I have big hands. For me the uspc in 40 was my thing. I sold it for a Glock 22. that is my carry gun now. I have no problem concealing it and it gives me more rounds. I still have a USP fullsize 45 and the HK45 and love them both. I f i were you, i would try out the USP comcact too. Glocks and HK's are great guns, you just have to manhandle all prospects before you make your final decision.....I would go with the USP compact in 40 with a stainless slide just to keep your pimp hand strong!!!!!

    what part of Florida are you from????

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    I love H&K pistols, but in the end I stayed with Glocks and Kahrs as my EDC guns. My reasoning was familiarity. They have the same manual of arms, more parts availability, and I have the most trigger time with them (and because I'm dead broke until I finish getting my business off the ground). I like to keep things as simple as possible, so I don't even own any firearms that have opposing controls anymore. Under stress, it's so easy to revert to the manual of arms you've trained with the most, even when the gun is not compatible!

    Some day I see myself making the switch, but it will be when I can afford to re-train and switch everything at once (ie, instead of Glock 22 for home defense and Glock 23 or Kahr TP9 for concealed carry, H&K USP for home defense and P2000 or Walther PPS for concealed carry).

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    a lot has to be said for muscle memory. if you are used to glocks then i would say get the glock 27. when the defacation hits the ventalation you dont want to stop and think which gun you are carrying.
    they are good guns and you can interchange the mags if needed. plus they are a heck of a lot cheapier than the hk and hold more rounds.

    that being said the hkp2ksk is a great gun for ccw. the double recoil spring reduces the recoil a bunch and accuracy is better than most other snubbys. the only down side is the price and it only carrys 9+1 where as you can buy an after market mag for the glock carrying 11+1. i chose the hk cuz it felt better in my hand than the glock.

    for ammo you want hollowpoint bullets they are pretty much all the same when you look at the big picture.

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