Comparison Pics of P30 and HK45
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Thread: Comparison Pics of P30 and HK45

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    Default Comparison Pics of P30 and HK45

    I like a smaller-sized pistol and was initially worried about jumping to the P30. Well, I did and sold my P2000. I have had a USP 45C and a 45Tac. I liked the C and was going to wait for the new HK45c to get another. However, the HK45's grips, being like those on the P30, have put me in a dilemma - could I make the fullsize work? If someone who owns both could put these two in various comparative positions and provide pics, I would be much appreciative. I am on the fence to wait for the HK45C or, given the multitude of adjustments of the HK45F's grips, go ahead and just get it. I think that the added weight of the fullsize would benefit and if I can adjust to my smaller hands, I may just go that route. OPinions?
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    I posted yesterday asking for pics myself wondering about the size for reasons sort of similar to what you asked and haven't heard anything yet either. I hope to have my HK45 in tomorrow and will be able to see for myself then.

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