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Thread: .40 vs. 9mm recoil?

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    Smile .40 vs. 9mm recoil?

    My wife and I picked up a nice pair of P2000sk's in a .40 cal and I was wondering if anyone can tell me (or describe) how much less (if any at all) a 9mm would recoil (kick) compared to the .40 ?? Is there much difference? Thanks all!

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    Snap vs. pop; .40S&W vs. 9mm respectfully. I'd say 30-40% less.

    The .40S&W is just a shortened 10mm round. A fun round!

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    There is a noticable difference between the 40 & the 9. The 45 even has less perceived recoil in a similar platfrom than the 40.
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    .40 is quite a ride.

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    Default Sorry!

    I am afraid it is considerable. I have p2000SK in 40 and it's great, but snappy as hell. I think this would be much better for most people in 9mm. I think the recoil feels better due to the smaller grip.

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    I personally HATE the .40 round. I love both .45 and 9mm. IMO the .40 is a very uncomfortable round - especially in polymer frame, compact sized handguns. Realistically, I don't know why it's become such a popular LE round. I suppose they fear the 9mm is too weak and the .45 is too damn expensive. But I have yet to shoot a .40 that I liked.

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    Having had a forty, and currently a 45 and 9, I think you know my answer. The P2000SK is one of the better shooting 40's IMO.

    My recollection of testing a 40SK vs a 9mm G26 and remembering what the G27 was like, the 40 SK has a LOT less felt recoil than the G27 and ALMOST was livable. However the difference if felt recoil of 9 SK vs 40 SK is pretty significant IMO. YMMV though.

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    Suregrip, I think most folks like to use the word snappy with the .40, and it is a good way to describe the round. I'm a fan of the .45ACP, but I carry the .40 since it suits my particular needs. I would suggest you try to shoot both calibers in similar pistols one right after the other. You will see that the 9 is softer and the 40 is sharper, but you may be surprised at how well you can shoot both. In my case I shot a .45 USPc and a .40 P2000SK, one has a nice slow push and the other a sharp snappy pop, but honestly I could not say that I can shoot one more accurately than the other. If I keep a good firm grip, stay with the front sight, and don't anticipate the shot, both will group just as well. Try shooting a 9 along with your .40; you might be surprised at how little difference there might be in downrange performance. I’d also toss out that if you haven’t tried the X-Grip with your SK, check it out. For those times when you don’t need the small size of the SK, you pick up 3 additional rounds and get a longer grip purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suregrip391 View Post
    My wife and I picked up a nice pair of P2000sk's in a .40 cal and I was wondering if anyone can tell me (or describe) how much less (if any at all) a 9mm would recoil (kick) compared to the .40 ?? Is there much difference? Thanks all!

    Don't worry the 40 isn't that bad, my girlfriend shoots my 40 all the time and she is tiny, I just bought a USP Compact in 357 Sig and can't wait to shoot it tomorow at the range, now that is a snappy round. The 40 is a pussycat compared to the 357 Sig....

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    Odds are, if you're worried about recoil, you should stay away from the .40 and just stick to the 9mm.

    I love the .40, but I wouldn't buy a gun chambered in it any smaller or lighter than the full size USP. The .40 in a Sig 226 or 229 is very easy to shoot, but a compact polymer isn't the best platform IMO.

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