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Thread: Engraved HK's

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    Default Engraved HK's

    I thought I had seen it all. I was just browsing and came across these. Some are nice, but the others are fugly

    Flea, Zippo first

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    Well, I can't say I like any of those.

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    Those give me the same feeling as those people that get every square inch of skin tattoo'd.

    I just want to ask "what is the matter with you?"

    Especially those two P7. Ugliest guns I've ever seen.


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    ** WARNING: This reply may be unsuitable for younger viewing audiences. Parental descretion is advised. **

    If you were, let's say in Vegas, and found yourself in one of Vegas's "other" well known establishment types :D and little miss hiked up her skirt only to reveal one of those puppies tucked snugly against her thigh against the backdrop of red and black lace... well, you get the idea, lol.
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    The price tag on the VP70 was $1995. Who in their right mind would add 1500 worth of engraving to a 450 gun. It may be the same guy who would take a faux pearl gripped .25 cal laursen and engrave that.

    I can't say I wouldn't want anengraved P7 (of some sort), but only tastfully done like the classic colts, andI would leave the damn grips alone.

    One of those pictured is for sale on GB (it is not mine).

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    Theres something about engraved just looks cheap.

    One thing is for certain, the grips on that P7M8 are disgusting!
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    Red face

    kinda tough to make out what model the 3rd image down is
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    ummmmmmmmmm oooookkkkkkkkk

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    Are those from Liberachi's collection? The engravers talented by picked the wrong canvas!

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    I think they're the most beautiful firearms I've ever seen in my life....especially the P7M8 :)

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