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    Default USP 40 Review

    I keep meaning to write in praise of the USP, and then I think "Who cares? I'm preaching to the choir here." But if you found this thread because you're contemplating a purchase, consider these points in the USP's favor.

    Materials. I love a Colt Royal Blue finish, but I'm also a freak about finish defects. I can't stand rust, wear, scratches, dings. I worry about blued steel. Of the big 3 German guns, HK, Glock and Sig are equally durable, but I have to take points away from Sig because you can ding the aluminum, leaving a white spot behind. Aluminum can be re-anodized, but it's a PITA. Stainless Sigs are great, but heavy. Glock and HK are equal here -- they feature durable, made to last finishes using lightweight, high strength materials.

    Safety. I had to come around to the DA/SA concept. As a an old 1911 guy, I couldn't appreciate anything less than a 4-lb SA pull on a tuned Colt Govt. But there's the finish issue again... I'd take the Sig over the Glock just for the decocker: the ability to carry one in the chamber with all the springs at rest is worth something to me. But HK wins hands down over the Sig here: Chamber one and decock, and HK and Sig are equals, but the USP lets you put the safety up to restrict travel of the trigger, adding a layer of safety the Glock and Sig don't have. Carry cocked and locked like a 1911 if you want. But wait, there's more! Chamber a round, decock, put the safety on, and then while carrying, cock the hammer if needed to put the gun in condition 1, one step closer to combat readiness. You can't decock a Glock -- you can only unload it. Sig and HK go the extra mile with decockers, and then HK goes another 10 miles with its versatile external safety.

    Concealability. Model-for-model, they're all about equal in this regard, but I find that the full size USP40 is so compact and concealable, there's really no need -- for me -- for the Compact or 2000 models, which means I still have all the barrel I can get, all the magazine capacity, the weight/balance that makes a USP so comfortable and pointable, and the external safety. In a good IWB holster, my USP disappears under an untucked shirt.

    Reliability. I've never had a malfunction with any German gun. Equal. Glocks throw brass at my forehead, but I probably deserve it.

    Accuracy. I've owned two USP40s, several Glock 22s, and more than one P226, and HK is far and away the accuracy leader. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the gun, but so far, both USP40s -- manufactured years apart -- are cloverleaf factories at 10 yards. Not even a Sig can do that in my hands. Of the 3, I prefer a gun with a hammer for wringing out precision.

    Disassembly. Glock wins this one. HK is next, and Sig is guarding the rear.

    Comfort. I always put Hogue Handalls on Glock 22s to take the sting out of a .40. The Sig was not much more comfortable. The HK recoil reduction spring levels the playing field between the .40 and the 9. It feels like a 9 +P.

    Price. Glocks win here, but at the cost of every advantage mentioned above. An HK USP with night sights and two hight capacity magazines goes for under $700 in my area, and I believe that beats the price of the entry level P226. Even if they were equal in price, HK has everything else going for it.

    UF (Ugliness Factor). If you like ugly, scary guns, the USP is for you. It's the gun that would stop the fight just by showing up. If guns were people, the Sig is David Duchovny, the Glock is Will Smith, but the USP is the Mickey Rourke of sidearms.

    All things considered, the USP is arguably the most practical -- dare I say most Universal -- weapon on the market today, and only the members of its immediate family come close to the same quality and versatility. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    I purchaced my USP 40 when they first came out. I totally agree with all of the above. My pistol has always been 100% reliable. All of my H&K's have been.

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    I have a USP 40 full size and would say the same. Although I do have a G23 that is very accurate. I shoot them both about the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broknprism View Post
    ...Disassembly. Glock wins this one. HK is next, and Sig is guarding the rear....
    1. Glock
    2. Beretta
    3. Sig, FNP
    4. HK

    I'm sticking to my story.

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    Good writeup. I love mine, but my only issues are with the somewhat unrefined grip ergos and unnecessarily wide profile, both of which are addressed with the P2000 and P30. Unfortunately neither of which are available with a manual safety. If they were, I'd already have upgraded to one or the other.

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    Cool Yep, Preaching to the Choir...

    Quote Originally Posted by psg1 View Post
    Good writeup. I love mine, but my only issues are with the somewhat unrefined grip ergos and unnecessarily wide profile, both of which are addressed with the P2000 and P30. Unfortunately neither of which are available with a manual safety. If they were, I'd already have upgraded to one or the other.
    I bought an HK USP in .40 S&W years ago when they first came out. I had other handguns before and since. I do not know if it is the octagonal grooves, the ergonomics , the materials or what. That pistol was the most accurate pistol in my hands I have ever owned. It was a bit what.. it felt natural in my hand. I would agree that bad boy would stop the fight before it began just on looks.. unlike myself..haha. I sold that pistol and have been kicking myself in the rearend ever since. I just sold my .50 Beowulf project AR to a deserving soul and purchased another, albeit used, HK USP in .40 S&W. I feel that with the reliablity and construction of the HK and my past experience with them I can not go wrong. Yes I have my Glock in .40 and 9mm. I have my blued .45 commander and .44 Super Blackhawk just becasue.. but I missed the HK and have returned to the nest !!

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it !!

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    My USPt 40 is my first HK and it helped me never to appreciate another brand again.

    I agree with its concealability since i carry 4:00 FBI cant. the height on this pistol is a scant 5.35 in, and it does disappear. if you carry this way its pointless to have a shorter barrel if it's a tall gun. The XDm is so fail in this matter.

    the grip is a bit unrefined - true. and it's a meat tenderizer.

    The only thing i wont agree with is that the USP is ugly. i am particular with how a firearm looks and dont care how phenomenally it performs if its ugly. with its slide lines, and its trigger guard tapered back, i think it's the most aesthetically sound modern hadgun. My comrades in arms, shooting buddies, and even girlfriends unanimously agree that it is an undeniably handsome handgun.

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    The USP40 is the best shooting .40 I have shot so far. The only thing tearing us apart is financial woes.

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    My USP40 is my favorite gun of all Ive ever owned. Every once in a while Ill get the itch to trade it in and get a P30, but as soon as I pick up the old USP I realize I just cant part with it!

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    When did glock become a German gun?
    Everyone knows you should never go full retail !

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