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Thread: HK 45 vs Fnp 45?

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    Default HK 45 vs Fnp 45?

    These guns were developed for the same reason so how do they compare? Which is more reliable?

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    Reliability is difficult to predict. FN make great products.
    I would expect the HK to be the better gun. The FN is huge.
    The HK is an improved USP, nuff said.
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    I'd have to say the same thing. Reliability comparisons-unknown. I honestly didn't even hear about the FNP-45 until just now. I don't really know a whole lot about Fabrique Nationale, though. I first heard of them when I learned of the P90. I can't remember ever hearing anything bad about them, so they must make some pretty quality stuff... you can find a bunch of stuff on this site about the reliability of the HK45. There's a nice one called 'Break My HK45' by Greg Bell and he hasn't had a single problem since he bought it and it's gone through somewhere around 8000(?) rounds.

    I'd say just do your research on the different sites. Find a place where people put up their thoughts/reviews on the FN stuff, and compare. That's what I did before finally deciding to go with an HK.

    HK P30

    FN FAL

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    Default FNP

    I held the FNP-45, feels nice. Not as refined as the HK45. In the hand, it's a tank. The grip feels pretty large...but, it's a good size for my hands. HK45 grip feels good to, much more ergo than the FNP. The P2000 always feels a little small in my hands.

    I think it's a great value and with 14 round mags....yeah. Never shot one though. I think I'd like to pick one up, sometime. So far, i've not heard anything bad. I'd Take one over a Glock or XD.
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    FN's a serious brand like HK with a history of making products that go bang when you need them to. Truth be told, I'd never even heard of this weapon. See if you can find one to test fire against an HK45 and take the one that feels the best.

    DJ - you probably knew about them and didn't realize it. They make the FAL rifle and the M249 SAW.
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    I haven't heard of the FAL, but I definitely have heard of the SAW. You're right, I didn't realize they made that weapon! It's been around for quite a while, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by regnini View Post
    These guns were developed for the same reason so how do they compare? Which is more reliable?
    I checked one out at the local shop, it is huge but not uncomfortable in the hand. The trigger feels "spongy" & irregular in resistiance during travel.
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    FN makes the Browning Hi Power and always has. They make allot of good stuff, check out their web sight, they are a HUGE world wide gun maker Their US Group, is in South Carolina. Customer Service is amazing. As for a comparison, FN45 holds more rounds but can't be carried cocked and locked. If that doesn't matter to you, I would consider the FN45 a serious alternate to HK. Less Expensive, both up front and over time with magazines, etc. Now if they had a Cocked and Locked version, Id be all over it.
    USP's are best Cocked and Locked.
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    About a year ago I shot a prototype of the FNP-45 and was very impressed with it. The recoil was very similar to shooting a 9mm. I still prefer H&K products, but I think the FN would be a very nice gun, especially for the price. :)

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    Just picked up an FNP-45 in SS. Yes it is a big gun with a huge grip, it has to be when it holds 14 rounds of .45 ACP! The HK 45 has a nicer grip thats for sure, but it's capacity is only 10 rounds.

    The FN is alot of gun for the money. It appears to be of excellent quality for the price. It's also made in the USA so the "weak dollar" doesn't come into play when we are talking about price. It also comes in a nice hard case, with two backstraps and three mags. I cannot wait to shoot it this Wed. as I have heard nothing but good things about them. Supposed to be very accurate with very little recoil. The SA trigger is also like butter.

    I will probably end up with an HK45 as well eventually. Keep in mind this is my first forray into the .45.

    Now ask me for pictures. :D

    Check on the FN guys and see what they think about the same topic...
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