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    Brought home my new (to me) P30 on Wednesday...a gun I have wanted since it was announced and I finally got around to picking one up. I ran 180 rounds through it yesterday; 30 Speer GD 124gr JHPs, 100 Blazer Brass, and 50 Blazer Aluminum (yeah I know what the manual says about aluminum).

    I'm primarily used to striker fired handguns (XD, Glock, M&P), so the whole DA/SA action is not what I'm used to at all (although I did just buy a P99AS that I love and have caught on alright to using it).

    I am impressed with the DA pull on the P30, it seems easier for me to pull the trigger without having the sights flinch (unlike the other HKs I've shot in the past, USPc .45, USP9f). I practiced shooting pairs DA/SA and managed to do alright within 25'. I was able to track the sights fairly well between shots. I prefer the DA pull on the P30, but the SA pull on my well broken in AB-date code P99AS.

    I did have 3 failures...1 fail to lock the slide back on empty with the Gold Dots (I'm almost positive my grip was interfering with the slide lock, it was my first mag through the gun and it never happened again after I slightly adjusted my thumb). 2 failures to extract/eject on the first round shooting the aluminum Blazer. On the first, the slide locked back and the casing was about half visible if looked at from the right side of the gun. The second the slide did not get back but the casing was lodged between the breech face and the chamber. Dropped mag, rack, reload, good to go. I'm not overly concerned about those as it is practice ammo but of course I'd like for the issue to go away.

    I shot about 45-60 rounds with a X300 mounted and on with all three types of ammo, zero failures of any kind with the gun or the light. I've never had an issue with the X300 mounted (and certainly didn't expect any from the P30), so I'm happy that it was flawless (and that it actually mounts on the P30, as opposed the HK45c that I had...).

    The gun was accurate, more so than me. Definitely sufficient for defense (I'm not a target shooter). The grip is fantastic, better in my opinion (for shooting anyways) than the P99 which had been the best feeling handgun I've ever shot until yesterday. For carrying, I easily prefer the grip of the P99, as it is more comfortable against bare skin (which is how I carry 85% of the time living in Florida, I don't like to wear more than one shirt) than the P30. Also the texture of the grip seems to like to hang up on the type of polo shirts that I often wear (Nike/Adidas microfiber golf polos), leading to obvious printing. I'll work on that though. The gun is very comfortable otherwise in an MTAC.

    Only change I'd like to make is to get rid of the stock sights in favor of real night sights. Definitely a great gun, definitely a keeper.
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