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    Default HK 45 holster

    After getting this great gun, I'm now in the same boat with all the other new owners, no good holster options..

    I just spoke with Kevin from K & D holsters who make great leather holsters and are very competitively priced if you are looking at fine leather holsters. He has a great reputation and following on the XD forum and said if he gets enough interest and inquiries about the HK 45 fullsize he will gladly get one to make a mold.

    So if you have an HK 45 fullsize and are hurting for options for a really good holster let them know you would be interested and in the market for one and we could get him to start offering holsters for the 45 fullsize.

    Sorry if you saw this on other forums as well but I'm trying hard to get a KD for my HK 45 to go with the one for my XD which is also on order.
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