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    Default BH CQC & P30

    So, ive seen it here before and im going to touch on it a little and bring some rumors to rest.

    The P30 specific Serpa holster for the P30 fits BOTh the P30 and HK 45.

    The P2000 Serpa holster fits the P2000 and also the P30.

    Actually, the P2000 fits the P30 BETTER than the P30 specific holster does.
    The P30 holster has some rock slop in it, retention and release is fine, but it does have some rock in both the P30 and HK 45.
    I had to tighten down the retention screw in the holster as far as it would go to remove most the slop.

    The P2000 Serpa actually fits much tighter and better and release is fine and trouble free for the P30.

    The P30 holster for the HK 45 works just fine, no adjustments needed for me from the P30, it locks and releases trouble free.

    I wonder what the deal is with this holster system, How did Balckahawk "drop the ball" on this.

    All my CQC Serpa's have excellent fit and are problem free with no slop, why the sudden change?

    I would still recommend the CQC Serpa for the P30 to those looking for a retention holster, the slop is not terrible and nearly unnoticeable, the only reason I know is from prior use of Serpa's.
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    Informative, good post NvrenufRR.
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    I just will add, that P30 CQC also holds USPf 9/40 (including Expert and Elite). Didn't try it with USPf in .45

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