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Thread: Can someone help me ID this P7 with special marking?

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    Default Can someone help me ID this P7 with special marking?

    Just pick up a "brand new" P7M8 from a dealer who had it picked up in his personal safe. He gave me the box with matching numbers and the box it was shipped/received in.
    I was told it was a limited production with special marking????
    He goes....
    On the shipping box it reads;
    P7M8 9MM Blue Rare MKD

    On the black storage box it reads;
    Heckler & Koch GMBH
    matching serial number xxxxxx

    On the firearm, left side slide;
    HK Sidearms GmbH
    Made in Germany 9mmx19

    On the right side slide;
    matching serial number xxxxx HK HKI-Trussville AL
    M8 AH with German marking etc..
    matching serial number on slide also

    Under the trigger housing;
    refer to owners manual

    I was told that it was Law Enforcement Model and that "HK Sidearms" is the special marking. He advised no other HK pistol has HK Sidearms stamped on the slide.

    Just asking if someone could verify this or anything special about this one. Any idea what the value might be on a new one?? Not really concerned about if the dealer was correct or not, I was just out to purchase a used one and stumbled across this NEW one.
    Will post pics later!

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    I think CDNN or someone was marking the boxes as such(ie RARE), its not rare by any means but it one of the latter M8's made

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    Nothing special sorry to say.

    HK has been changing up the way they mark handguns recently. The "HK Sidearms" has been appearing on the HK45, P30, and P30L frames.

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    I believe "H&K Sidearms" is the H&K division for military and law enforcement weapons, as opposed to "H&K jagd- und sportwaffen" which makes weapons for sale to civillians. My Norwegian police-issue P30L LEM has the "H&K sidearms" marking, while I see pictures of "H&K jagd- und sportwaffen" marked P30L's in civilian hands.

    Basically it makes no difference to you the end customer or to the law in most countries, but I believe German law makes it important for H&K to differentiate between "civillian" and "government only" weapons even if the difference is only in the marking.

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    That answers my question, thank guys.
    Its nice piece and I ended up with a new one which is nice.
    How much would one of these go for like mine, new?
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    There are only a few hundred P7M8s with the "H&K Sidearms" stamped as these were the last ones made. I'd keep it in good shape if I were you. I don't know the exact number made, but they are the few that came out after the final 500. I saw one a few weeks ago and it was very nice, a very black finish. These were selling for $1500+.

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    Nice pick up SWATCOP... Best OF LUCK Just what i have been looking for...Could you share the dealer info you with us? Thanks

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    As for the market value, it's somewhere around $1350-1400. Personally, I would rather pay $1200 for a Chantilly like this ( rather than a latter model even at the same price if I am in the market for a P7M8. At least it's better than the ones with warning on slides and if you do a search on GB, I am sure you can find someone paid over $1500 for one of those.
    Owning some HK's since 1995 ...

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    SWATcop, you have, as noted, one of the last production batch; this year. The rumor that no more will be made, etc., has been floating around for several years. But every year, it seems, another "surprise batch" turns up for sale.

    I have an M8 just as you describe (except mine doesn't have the warning under the trigger guard- or anywhere else, thank goodness), purchased from CDNN in February of this year. I also have a Chantilly M8, and except for the thickness of the trigger and the markings, the pistols are identical. IOW, there is nothing especially rare or collectible about your pistol. I assume you bought it to shoot. If you are worried about its resale value, then by all means do NOT shoot it.

    I not only shoot mine, I had both of them Black T'ed. This annoyed a few purists, who claimed I had "ruined" the Chantilly. Whatever. Its a neat-as-hell gun, and has become my EDC. I even bought a heeler that had been NP3'ed.

    But know this; if you intend to carry it, you will need to spend several thousand rounds getting comfortable with it FIRST. While I don't buy into the conventional wisdom that, if one wants to carry a P7 he should forsake all others due to the differences in the manual of arms, I FIRMLY believe one should spend a lot of range time with the P7 since it IS radically different from everything else.

    Welcome to the Cult of P7 Owners. Read everything you can find about it, spend the time on the range to get to know it, and enjoy...


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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP 972 View Post
    I have an M8 just as you describe (except mine doesn't have the warning under the trigger guard- or anywhere else, thank goodness).

    Correction; mine DOES have the warning under the trigger guard. But apparently that warning is put on rather lightly; the re-finishing process almost eradicated it. You have to look very closely, but its there.

    Oh, well...


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