First DA shot into the ceiling!
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Thread: First DA shot into the ceiling!

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    Default First DA shot into the ceiling!

    Worked long hours yesterday, so late in the afternoon, came home, told the Wife i wanted to run out to the nearby indoor range and shoot my new USPc 9mm, bought earlier in this week. Took two magazines, signed in, opened the box of Eagle bullets, and began to load and fire three or four round magazines, all in SA. i wanted to get some experience in loading and manipulating the really handy safe/fire/decocker lever. I bought my first HK precisely for CC, intending to take the course soon with my son. He is a Sig 226 shooter.

    My HK has significantly more snap or recoil, being a lighter pistol than my Browning HP and 1911. My only DA/SA pistol is a Sig 22 mosquito, which i rarely shoot DA.

    After shooting half a box, and finding my new HK precisely targeted for my hands, i laughed with the other shooters when one of another shooter's sons fired his dad's pistol, and the round hit the ceiling, bringing down dust.

    I shoot pretty well for an old guy, and sometimes hope that other lane shooters notice my tight groups, and think i do well for an grey haired chap. Towards the end of my session, figured i might as well try a few DA shots, as that is how i intend to carry my new HK.

    Slipped in a new magazine, aimed, and squeezed off my first DA 9mm. I don't really know what happened. Perhaps the length and weight of the trigger pull suprised me, or i gave up on the shot after pulling so hard and long, or just badly flinched, but my shot hit the roof tiles about half way down the range, giving an audible ping and bringing down some dust!

    I was mortified and greatly embarrassed, and hoped the other shooters had been busy cleaning up or reloading or doing something other than looking down range.

    I decided then and there i needed a lot more snap cap practice DA before i went to shoot again. I absolutely hate being ashamed of my shooting.

    So, that is my project now, don't waste bullets on SA, but work extensively on DA until i get it down perfectly.

    I just love my new HK, i just need to learn DA trigger control, always having had SA pistols before this one.

    all the best.....

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    The stock DA triggers on H&K's is notoriously horrrrriiible. Some agencys I talk to who have used them in the past wont even consider using H&K just for that reason. A huge shame as they are my favorite weapon, provided they are in LEM configuration or you get a trigger job.

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    That's a refreshing and honest post, Hal Copple. You'll be fine and you know it.

    > > > > > > > > > > > >

    "The stock DA triggers on H&K's is notoriously horrrrriiible."

    Which variants would this be applicable to?

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    wow i have a P30 and fire DA to practice and have never had muzzle rise that bad, practice practice practice i guess

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    When I first started shooting my 9mms I too developed a flinch. The way to cure this is a lot of snap cap (draw & fire) firing in DA at a spot on your wall and about 100 rounds in a drill where you draw & fire two shots, using the front sight only, at COM of a human silhouette from 3 yds, first shot in DA. You will get faster and faster and your groups will get smaller and smaller and your flinch will be history.

    Do not jerk your trigger, especially on the first DA shot. Just keep a constant, steady pull and it will stay on target.

    You might have to go to an outdoor range b/c not many indoor ranges allow drawing or rapid fire.

    Be sure to practice using Gunsite's 5 step method so you can get that down pat without developing a any bad drawing habits.
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    I own DA's and I'm pretty new to handguns; what would make this trigger style so off? I feel confident in my shooting first shot to last always or I would not pick the gun up in the first place. Just wondering....

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    Personally, I think one of the USP series' great advantages over Sig's products is the ability to carry it cocked and locked. I couldn't imagine carrying one any other way without a LEM.
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    Try the 10LB WOlf Springs. This alone will lighten up the A considerably and has not caused any performance issues.

    That being said, I only range mine as I live in one of those states where it is not possible to get a CC permit unless perhaps I paid my Govnr off enough! The guys that CC might have different ideas but I am really pleased with the springs.

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    Like others said in this thread, the DA on the USP is not very good, it can be mastered tho.

    I dont do snap caps for the flinch reflex, since I dont. Best way past a flinch reflex is in the mind. I know the pistol will go BANG and try to move around in my hand, its what the pistol does, no way around it, my mind accepts I trained my mind to ignore the noise and movement, and concentrate on the shooting basics

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    practice dryfiring, keep sights clear the entire press...DA trigger press needs to be consistant, thru without stopping.
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