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Thread: Laser Sights for USP

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    Default Laser Sights for USP

    I recently purchased my very first handgun which is a USP .40 v1 regular. I've done some research for laser sights and I have a good idea what to look for but I need some more suggestions. I perfer green lasers because they're a lot better in the daytime and much brighter at night compared to red lasers.

    Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Actually, the only green laser for pistol that I know:
    - BEAMSHOT 8300-Green Laser Sight
    - BEAMSHOT 8800 Green Laser Sight

    It's a very good laser sight and the best for daytime.

    But you need this parts:
    - Adapters for HK USP

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    Default Just An Idea.....

    Have you given the thought of upgrading to night sites instead of a laser?
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    My gun was used so the person who owned it before me put the night sights on it. I saw that one online but I thought it was too heavy; perhaps I should look again. Thank you for helping me out!
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    Here is another green laser product for you. These are much smaller and lighter weight, albeit a little pricey.

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    Botach tactical has a deal going. Buy a Insight Procyon tactical light for $110, and get the LaserMax Uni Green for $254.00. Cheapest I've seen anywhere. People will complain about Botach, but they called me after I place my order and told me it would be two weeks before LaserMax shipped to them. If you don't want the light sell it on here or another forum.

    Also remember you will need a rail adapter, they have the GG&G very cheap too.

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    I don't know a lot about lasers but I got a cheap one free with a purchase from CDNN. I toss it on my P30 now and then and I can see it in day light just fine. After using the cheap one I don't think I'd ever spend 100+ dollars on one.

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    Default I had the lasermax

    On my Expert for about a week. I liked the flashing green a lot. It was not visible enough on bowling pins in bright light and got flakey right away. It would just turn itself off with recoil or something. I sent it back as I could not depend on it. I have spent a bunch of time watching some of the grip and bump drill videos and working on my trigger control. That has been good for me.

    Good luck.

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