Do all HK45c's have Night Sights?
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Thread: Do all HK45c's have Night Sights?

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    Question Do all HK45c's have Night Sights?


    thanks guys

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    The sights aren't 'night sights' in the fact that they are not made from tritium. They utilize special glow-in-the-dark paint that will glow after light hits them, but will go dark after time. So if you have the gun stored in a dark safe and pull it out in the dark, you won't be able to see the sights.

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    With just a little bit of light they glow really bright though. I usually just flash mine close to a light then cut all the lights off and wow you can almost see the whole pistol glowing.

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    no not all of them have the night sights.

    If it's an HK I probably want one.


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    It's SuperLuminova. It's the same stuff you find on better Swiss watch dials.
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