Best soft case for HK94 with A3
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Thread: Best soft case for HK94 with A3

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    Default Best soft case for HK94 with A3

    Is there a clear best discreet soft case for my HK94 with A3? I've looked at several online and searched HKPro forums, but soft cases are tough to evaluate in pictures and written sales pitches. No cases are available locally, so I'm looking for recommendations.
    I'd like it to hold the collapsed gun with curved 30 round mag seated, have pouches to hold at least 4 curved HK 30 round mags, be padded for protecting contents, hopefully with velcro tie-downs and in a tough, water resistent fabric, but I'm open to being persuaded by experienced members about best features to have. I'm not LEO, so discreet look is preferred.

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    I picked up a BlackHawk Discreet Weapons Case 35in for M-1 for my HK94. I have a HK94 with an A3 stock. The case has sturdy 1/4" padding around all the edges, has two lines of molle webbing in the gun section with two heavy duty velcro tie downs, has a separate compartment for ammo/accessories, and comes with a heavy duty compartment containing 4 M-4 pouches that are more than big enough to carry curved mags. The mag pouch is attached via a butt load of velcro and can be shifted to your desired position. I wanted to carry my HK with the stock extended so I went for the longer 35 in case. However, the 29in version of the case should work for you. Here's the blackhawk page:

    BLACKHAWK! Homeland Security Discreet Weapons Carry Case - BLACKHAWK!

    The case is discreet, sturdy, functional and worth the money. I'm happy with mine.
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    M4 Gun Case Collapsed Stock | Covert Tactical Bag | 5.11 Tactical

    I've been eyeing this one. I have other 5.11 bags and they seem pretty nice.

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    I purchased several of these cases for my UMPs and MP5s. Love them! It has what you're looking for. Padding, exterior mag pouches, interior tie down straps, ballistic nylon, and waterproof (well, not if you submerge the bag, of course).

    Assault Systems Submachine Gun Cases

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    This company has a lot of Eagle industries soft cases on sale, I ordered one for a G3, I'll be picking it up at he post office can't go wrong with Eagle as far as quality goes.

    This might work for you:

    Eagle Soft-Hard Discreet Case CAR-15 LE Style Black - Natchez Shooters Supplies

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    I have an Assault Systems case for my M-16 and they make very nice cases. I'll try to post a coule pictures later.

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    I like this one if you aren't trying to hide what you have:

    Original Assault Systems Rifle Cases

    I don't have this one, but it looks interesting if you want to stand out less:

    Covert Operartions Discreet Carry Rifle Cases

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    Anybody read the date of the original post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichiban View Post
    Anybody read the date of the original post?
    Ya but this is still a good discussion on soft cases and found a couple that I had missed or forgot about. Like many threads, the original poster is lost in the dust ;-)

    Once I get the folding stock done, looks like the COVRT M4 case may fit the MM23eK, depending on thickness. Which would scream gun a little less than the current case.

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