Serial Numbers and date stamps on MP5 and HK94
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    Default Serial Numbers and date stamps on MP5 and HK94

    I'm looking at a HK94 sbr but I would like to know what I am getting. Is HK in the habbit of putting the last 3 or 4 of the serial number on parts inorder to see if this is most likely one gun or a cobbled together frankengun? If they do which parts are serialized? As alternative where are the date stamps located at lesast it would give me the year it was produced.

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    Nope. When they built G3s destined for militaries, they would stamp a lot of the parts that way, but not HK94s.

    If you go to the HKPro home page, on "World of HK", then Special Topics, there's one about markings on HK firearms. It shows common locations for date codes.

    On a 94, you will find them on the receiver, barrel, bolt head, bolt carrier, and sometimes the plastic furniture parts. But even if they don't match, it doesn't mean anything. Even factory built parts can have date codes from different years, since the codes are when the parts were made and not when the gun was assembled.


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