Rifle Warped Stock Fore end--can be changed/used?
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    Default Rifle Warped Stock Fore end--can be changed/used?

    In the "heads up" area was posted an HK 300 22-WMR used stock. Per Numrich's description:

    The stock forend appears to be warped downward about ¼” and barrel channel is marked “verzogen”. Stock may need repair and had been in storage with wear. But overall is in good condition. Sold As-Is.

    "Verzogen" (German for "spoiled.") It might be usable/functional as is, or maybe can be reasonably easily modified/manipulated??? I don't know, I've never worked with wood or stocks before. It does look better than the stock I have on 1 of my 300's, I know that for sure.

    I assume that if the barrel could be seated into it and bolted into place, then it wouldn't matter, right?, the wood would conform (bend) for a minor warping (is 1/4" at the end of the stock fore end "minor"?) without cracking, and surely it wouldn't bend the barrel or affect rifle functioning/accuracy??? So this is maybe just a factory cast-off, a good "second" with a defect that maybe just doesn't matter to a non-perfectionist?

    What do you guys with experience and knowledge with rifles, rebuilding, gunsmithing, and woodworking, have to say to enlighten me, if you would please?

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    HK300's from the factory have a floated bbl.
    This replacement stock probably isnt going to qualify for that.
    If you cant get the right clearance between the stock channel and the bbl, as the bbl heats up during firing, your accuracy will go to hell and you will be all over the paper.
    Thats not to say that a skilled stock worker cant get the stock corrected, but there is only one way to find out, and that is buy it and send it out to someone who does this type of work.
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    Wow, "floated" barrel! Never knew what that meant, seemed impossible. But I looked at the schematics and a youtube or three on floating the barrel, plus a wiki on floating, so I think I get it now.

    So the barrel and the receiver are "one," and thus it's the receiver bolted to the stock that's freely suspending the barrel out in space, not the forearm or stock supporting it. And weather changes could alter the stock, or having the barrel get hot from firing could do the same to the stock, which if in contact with the barrel could alter alignment and change point of impact, is what I understand. So the fore end part in a floated barrel is really just for looks and comfort in holding and shooting it, plus a place to anchor a sling? And thus, the fore end of a stock could be shortened, or lengthened for that matter, as long as the "float" is maintained, right? Interesting.

    Well, that means that this particular "warped" stock could be altered and used, but obviously, it would no longer be a factory issue appearance. In fact, I recall seeing an H&R 700 22-WMR recently for sale somewhere, that had an unusual fore end (read, "funny," as in "short bus funny,"), as it appeared that part of the expected factory stock at the end of the fore end had been cut away and another similar piece put in place of the missing part, with an obvious seam between the two, sort of a shortened air-gun pump lever look (like a Sheridan/Benjamin or smooth Crossman small forearm pump handle). I'm guessing that this kind of repair/change had been done in the past on that rifle. Huh!

    Thanks for the education!

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