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Thread: MFI LOW SCOPE MT ,MT Rings Product Review

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    Angry MFI LOW SCOPE MT ,MT Rings Product Review

    after spending 281.00 on MFI low mt scope andMFI med hgt scope rings ,all of the items were junk ,have all installed on my HK 91 by staff at Sportsmen Warehouse in Columbia SC. 1st problem ,the screws holding the top part of the rings were 2 different sizes,one METRIC the other American,2 different allen screws for the same set of rings,2nd problem,the screws in the mounts to mount to the Pic rail were undersized ,should have been 5mm in diameter,were only 4.5,with a 2.7 mm diameter hole drilled thru them,resulting in a sidewall thickness of only.90mm ,resulting in as soon as you finger tightened the bolt it came apart,have letter from Sportsman Warehouse to confirm this.problem #3,the MFI low profile mount absolutley would not stay clamped to my 91 under firing conditions,wasted 160 + rounds at the range and the mount just kept moving around,and yes i spent 750.00 on scope and new scope mounts at Sportsmans Warehouse,had to use the MFI low mount. WILL never buy MFI again,BTW i have been a tool and die maker for 40yrs,worked at FN gun plant ,they make all of the Colt rifles ,BERETTA pistols ,ND all the M240,M249 MGs ,SAW for us armed forces,and MFI quality is about as sorry as it gets ,and i drove 300 miles to shoot and equipment failures ruined my weekend,anyone else care to comment

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    I have also been disappointed with the MFI mounts.
    Some people have gotten them to work just fine and love them.

    Over the years I have purchased two (2) of the MFI mounts for my HK91 and each time could not get them to lock up securely to the rifle.

    I would recommend the B&T mount for the HK91. They are made well and seem to fit my HK91 to perfection.

    If you wish to use the B&T mount with a port buffer you will have to Mill off a little material from the front underside of the B&T mount (easy task for sure).


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    I've tried MFI on my 94/SD and I could NOT dope an Aimpoint with it AT ALL. I'd dial in at 25m and confirm, then bring the target in to 7-10m. Noticeable point of impact shift. I couldn't really tell by looking at the mount, but it was off. Emailed MFI and he insisted I had it mounted wrong so I tried to re-mount a few times with no success and gave up.

    Got one from Dave Lauck at D&L Sports and LOVE IT. It's a bit pricey but well worth the dough.

    MFI can suck it.

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    MFI mount can be made pretty solid:

    MFI rings are complete trash. The rings I received had to be lapped extensively to get uniform contact, and in reality, no matter what the quality of the rest of the ring is, the cross bolt is ROUND, so it will NEVER stay put, will never return to zero, and will smash the corner of whatever pic rail you put them on. The rings are airsoft quality junk because of the cross bolt, but I've had decent performance from the mount. It does take careful installation to make it work right, though.

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    2 yrs ago I attempted to mount a MFI on my HK93. The threads on one of the claw legs stripped out. I called MFI and explained what happened. They promptly mailed me a new leg and roll pins. Attempting to replace the leg the mount broke.
    I was so pissed I tossed it in the trash. $130 down the drain.
    I then bought genuine steel claw mounts. I can use the optic or open sights. Cheek weld isn't that hard to get use to after shooting a few rnds.

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    Its called hendsolt scope and claw mount,thats what is designed for this weapon. Rock solid and stays zeroed no matter how many times I take it off. These rifles are mid-range shooters NOT sniper rifles. You do not need a 750$ scope on a 600yrd rifle. M.O.

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    I could not get the MFI to mount on my PTR. The mount was undamaged and Adam at HKparts let me exchange it for the UTG low profile mount (B&T Copy) which was only $45 and strangely enough I was able to get it to mount just fine. I took tcr39's advice and I got a Fero-Z24 on a claw mount. I think he's right on here.
    Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, them dang olí HKs, man, talkin' bout SUH-WEET, man, dang ol' point and click, baby, just, just, dang ol' awesome, man.

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    thanks for the input guys,will be contacting MFI,maybe HKParts will let me swap the junk i bought for something else,will look harder at the B&T mt,the hooks on the MFI kept repeatedly coming loose.I was skeptical when i first saw it,should have went with 1st impression,Its really a blow to the ego to show up at a shoot with tricked out HK and all those people say "is that an HK ?,cool,awesome ,wish i had one etc,etc,".And a kid with a Ruger 10-22 with iron sights outshoots you,Tacticool went to Tactifool in a matter of minuites,after i took mt and scope off i did ok ,but i just cant see anymore over open sights.BTW went to a place called PALMETTO ARMORY,gun store/indoor shooting range and they had on consignment an IB dated HK 91,serial # A031144,IA dated bolt carrier/bolt head,and all furniture with HK claw mt wsome cheap scope on it,3K and wouldnt come down on the price.and i waved cash at him,no good,and i bought 2 scopes ,Burris Fullfield 30,3x9x40 wBallistic PLex,and mts for $ 750 sorry for misleading in my 1st post,just glad i didnt buy the Nightforce for 1.4 k for the cheap cheesy MFI mt.LOL still had a good shoot but was completely POd about what i put on my HK,good day to all

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    MFi issues are well known and can be found via search. You can also find that the LEI mount sold by LMO works well.

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    my MFI was moving so i called the manufacturer

    the problem for me was PTR didn't cut the tabs flat on the bottom. i took my rifle to a local smith, he cut the tabs flat on the bottom with a drill press, and i re-mounted the MFI using some fingernail polish as lock-tite

    been good ever since

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