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    OK, this thread is not about any specific HK rifle or shoulder weapon, but it certainly does apply if you use a MIL dot scope on such a rifle.

    If so, you should try out this MIL dot shooting simulator. You can also buy a CD from the company, for more simulators. I bought one, and it's a good teaching tool.

    Try the simulator at:

    Oh, BTW, if anyone wants a cheat sheet, let me know, I'll post the elevation and wind corrections.

    Quick example:
    For stage J, try this: Put on 18 MOA (5 MILS) then hold 1/2 MIL low, and 1 MIL right on the target.
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    I'd like to see a cheat sheet...............
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    Quote Originally Posted by mew View Post
    I'd like to see a cheat sheet...............
    OK here ya go....

    308 Long Range

    Corrections shown are in MOA, for MOA calibrated scope. For a MILS calibrated scope, divide all figures by 3.6

    A- Actual yardage is 710. Your scope settings are: 20 MOA up, and 2 MOA right.

    B- Actual yardage is 940. Your scope settings for this one are: 31.75 MOA up and 4.75 MOA right.

    C- Actual yardage is 860. Your scope settings are: 26.75 MOA up, and 2.75 MOA right.

    D- Actual yardage is 820. Scope settings: 25 MOA up and 3.5 right.

    E- Actual yardage is 760. Your scope settings are: 22.5 up and 4.75 right.

    F- Actual yardage is 730. Scope settings are: 20 MOA up, and 3 MOA right.

    G- Actual yardage is 780. Scope setting is: 22.75 MOA up and 6 MOA right.

    H- Actual yardage is 890. Scope setting is: 28.5 up and 6 right

    I- Actual yardage is 990. Scope setting: 34.25 up and 4 right.

    J- Actual yardage is 640. Scope setting is: 16.5 up and 3.5 right.

    But wait a minute!! Remember that 3.6 MOA equals 1 MIL You can also use the MIL dot system as a bullet drop compensator, as well as Kentucky windage holdoffs. A long time ago, I sat down and did a lot of math work, using ballistics information for some of the different ammunition and different calibers that I shoot.

    Of course, I don't have a lot of opportunities to shoot long range, so, I've never been able to test these figures out in actual field conditions. But, I found that the information was correct for this simulator, so, I think under actual conditions, it would be pretty close. Although I use the vertical holdoff, I prefer to dial in the windage settings, rather than trying to do horizontal corrections by holding over. It's kind of hard to draw and intersect grid lines with your mind's eye, and it leaves room for error. Doesn't mean you can't do it.

    This next cheat sheet shows the settings for using the MILS system as a windage and elevation compensator. Here it is.

    308 Long Range MILS Corrections

    To begin this stage, adjust scope for 18 MOA Elevation (5 Mils) You will not need to touch the elevation turret for the entire course of fire. If you prefer not to hold off for the windage, then, I have included the MOA windage corrections in brackets.

    A- Hold ½ Mil high, and ½ Mil right [2 MOA right]

    B- Hold 3 ¾ Mil high, and 1 ½ Mil right [4.75 MOA right]

    C- Hold 2 ½ Mil high, and ¾ Mil right [2.75 MOA right]

    D- Hold 2 Mil high, and 1 Mil right [3.5 MOA right]

    E- Hold 1 Mil high, and 1 ½ Mil right [4.75 MOA right]

    F- Hold ½ Mil high, and 7/8 Mil right [3 MOA right]

    G- Hold 1 ½ Mil high, and 1 5/8 Mil right [6 MOA right]

    H- Hold 3 Mil high, and 1 ¾ Mil right [6 MOA right]

    I- Hold 4 ½ Mil high, and 1 1/8 Mil right [3.5 MOA right]

    J- Hold 1/2 Mil low, and 1 Mil right [3.5 MOA right]

    If you decide to buy the CD, I have cheat sheets for all the .223 and .308 stages.

    I have played around with the stages in .264 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, .300 Win Mag, and .50 BMG...but haven't worked up cheat sheets for those.

    Have fun!

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