Orion 80/I (Fero Z51) Night Scope
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Thread: Orion 80/I (Fero Z51) Night Scope

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    Default Orion 80/I (Fero Z51) Night Scope

    [I hope this is the right forum. I figure Long Gun Talk, because that is where I would mount it]

    ->Does anybody know anything about these?
    Are they passive only (no integrated IR illumination)?
    I'm considering picking one up.


    The Orion 80/I made by Zeiss/Eltro is a high-quality starlight night vision scope currently in use by the German Bundeswehr. This scope features high-tech XX1211 and XX 1340 image intensifier tubes, flash protection capabilities, reticle adjusters, focus knob, on/off button and shade control knob, reticle brightness knob and a rubber protection cover. Each scope comes with the original storage case and the following mounts: HK-made G3 claw mount with adapter plate, MG3 Lafette tripod mount with adapter plate, PzF 3/PzF 44 grenade launcher mount and a quick-change adapter attached to the scope. This adapter can be mounted on a Picatinny rail (not included) and if it is removed it can be attached directly to a Stanag mount or to the G3 claw mount minus the adapter plate for a low-profile sighting picture. Accessories include a screwdriver, mounting screw pack, wrench and a manual in German. Requires two 1.5 volt C-cell batteries (not included). Weighs 31 lbs. Used, good condition. Quantities are very limited. Note: The PzF 84 mount is not included in this set, as it was discontinued and replaced by the new HK-made Pzf 3/Pzf 44 mount.

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    +1 for info - does it have any magnification?
    Also I think Numrich is stretching it a bit with them still being in use, maybe still in inventory,
    the series II is smaller and more modern and that I can see being used with rear echelon troops.
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    I have one, it is definitely passive, real starlight, no magnification I'm aware of, played with it a couple of times. Quality is comparable to @ gen 2, everything is green, but very clear. It is most effective out past 20 or 30 yds or so. I live in suburbs and have still not tried out in open country. But even with clouds and no moon visible, everything is visible.

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    PzF 3/PzF 44 grenade launcher mount and a quick-change adapter attached to the scope. This adapter can be mounted on a Picatinny rail (not included)

    I see in the pic that it is mounted on a model 700 with what I assume is the mount listed above but I am having the hardest time figuring out how that mount fit's a picatinny rail as stated? Anyone had any success?

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    How do you think this would work with a Laser Genetics ND-3 subzero illuminator? I just purchased one today and think it could possibly be an illuminator for it.

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    Wow... holy thread resurrection...
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    I just ordered 1 and a mount adapter from swfa for $150. I hope this thing is worth the money. I have a gen 3 monocular and hope it doesn't make me expect too much of this unit.

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    So I have had one of these for a while now, and if anyone has question feel free to email me about it or post here but I don't know how often Ill be checking this forum. I've posted on a few of the other forums around and I also have several other scopes that are comparable, pvs-2/4 1pn35/58 etc.

    Overall the Zeiss unit is one of the best gen1 scopes. But all gen1 scopes suffer from the following:
    Geometric distortion around the edge of the FOV (the zeiss is nearly flat but it varies from scope to scope)
    Issues when dealing with bright lights in the FOV (do not point these at street lamps etc as it will severely reduce the life of the image tube)
    Relatively short tube life of ~1000hrs (this is very use dependent basically the more you use it around lights the faster it will degrade) for reference most older gen2 tubes have 5000hr lives, while modern gen2/3 units are about 10k. This doesn't mean your tube will die, the definition is that after 1k hours it will produce only 50% gain compared to its start life.

    In terms of use and daylight zeroing. The night before you zero it, adjust the focus to near 100yds if you can then put the cap back on. Then the next day zero at 100yds (with the daylight cover on) using the upper most dot in the reticle.

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    BWP777, could you please clarify who swfa is, and what type of mount did they offer?

    I just got one of these Orion 80's, and the mount attached to the scope itself, uses a upside down dovetail to attach to the three included HK mounts, and it will not fit on top of a flat top AR 15, which is the first thing I wanted to attach it to.

    I have some experience with gen 1, I have a handheld scope that used the PN58 tube, minus the reticle, and reticle adjustments, found it on ebay, and compared to the Yukon I had, it was far superior, I have tried the Orion, but there has been no moon out the last few nights, so, its somewhat limited without an illuminator, but clarity, where I can see with it, appears to be far better than both.

    The thing I need now, is to find an off the shelf solution to mounting this on standard rail.

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