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Thread: Trying to adjust the rear sight and having one HELL of a time! Please help!

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    Angry Trying to adjust the rear sight and having one HELL of a time! Please help!

    Having trouble with my rear sight, adjusting for elevation. Have an American made HK tool that worked ok on my HK91. Just got a C93. The original rear sight was frozen (missing a ball bearing, maybe) and I replaced it with another HK rear sight assembly. The rifle is throwing rounds in the dirt at 200 yds. I cannot get the rear sight to elevate no matter what I try. I've literally tried this 100 times, guys. I use the tool exactly as the instructions read and I have read the instructions posted on this site, but the turret just keeps spinning and spinning and will not elevate. Do I have another f-d up sight? What the hell do I do from here?

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    If the sight is ok, then when you push the tool down to engage....hold the tool but only turn the drum.....if the drum doesn't turn, 1st lube the heck out of it and then if that doesn't work just chuck the c93 and get a HK93!

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    Did you try both pairs of opposing slots in the sight drum? Only one pair has the detent balls in them that must be pushed back for the drum to thread up or down.


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    Thanks! The drum turns, but it will not elevate. I guess this means that the sight tool is not engaging? Going to regroup and try it again tonight. Oh, and you're right...never buying anything but genuine HK again. I have a beauty of a HK91, but went cheapola and bought a C93. What a hunk of crap. Its actually the 3rd one. I had to return the first two they were so bad.

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    Soak the sight in oil, I had one that was froze like that on a V53.

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    i always use needlenose pliers now. frustrated myself once for an hour with one of rtg's sight tools. never got it to work on any of my hk's. tried my buddy's real hk tool at the range, it didnt work either..... needlenose pliers and never looked back

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