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    $2350 each sounds ok deal to me...have fun with em..i havent bought anything gun in years as i enjoy my vintage bikes and IH scout a lot...but i have both of these i bought many moons ago and both are great guns..i like the hk93 better but thats just me...the hk91 has the collapsable stock and i find it a pain in 308..i think you did OK...good score

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTinIN View Post
    Where did you find the scope mount or did that come with the rifle?

    Will be interested in how it shoots on paper, long ago did a poll and half the guys with SR9's got about same groups as good HK91s (average 1.X MOA) and the other half got something a little under a MOA (one guy got such small groups all the time, but not sure if was 10, 5, 3 or 1 shot groups ;-).

    My friend also had an SR9 down here. He didn't really shoot it much and was having a hard time grouping it. We wrote it up to the ammo & him not shooting it. When I got my shot to shoot the was definitely the rifle and not him. Couldn't even get the gun to sniff a 1 moa even with match ammo. That was a long time ago, so I want to say it was around a 2 moa, maybe even more (3 - 5 shot groups).

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