need a mfg date on a HK/Beneilli M1 super 90
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Thread: need a mfg date on a HK/Beneilli M1 super 90

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    Default need a mfg date on a HK/Beneilli M1 super 90

    I am looking at a used HK M1 super 90 7 shot shot gun. I need to know the MFG date due to the gun laws in Mass. The serial # on the gun is M30189, but Beneilli cant find that and says all the M1's have a 6 number serial # can anyone help me out on that
    Also is 575 a decent price for a M1 super 90?

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    On the lower left hand side of the receiver near the trigger guard there is a small box with two letters inside it. That is what determines what year it was manufactured/imported. Search this site and you will find the chart with the date codes that correspond.
    $575.00 is a fair price.
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    If "Italian" date codes, I can assist!!!


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