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Thread: Bore brushes for MP5 .22LR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnh View Post
    Boresnake worked OK for me...
    Roger that +1 for me too. Hoppe's # 24011 model # for the .22 rifle

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    Default The reason.....

    It is not the diameter of the brush, i.e. .22 caliber that is the problem, it is the length of the brush. The ejector port is very short on the MP5 and so if you push a longer brush down the barrel, it doesn't have enough room to go all of the way out into the ejector port, hence the brushes are facing the wrong way that are still in the barrel. In order to remove the brushes, you must now force the brushes against the rifling in the barrel to pull it back out, and this damages the barrel and the chamber. I have never owned a weapon where that is the case but I had to return my brand new MP5 because of this condition. I will never make that mistake again. As for the bore snake, it may be the brand of the snake or whatever, but the one that I have for my other .22 weapons won't even drop down the barrel to be pulled out. As a matter of fact, the original cable that I have with my Otis kit is too large in diameter and won't even fit into the chamber to properly clean the weapon. That is why I had to order the small caliber cable to go into the chamber and through the barrel. Hope this helps.

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    Would a better bore brush reduce the number of patches I end up using?
    Last time it seemed like it took 15+ patches before all cleaned up
    Thank you

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    You have it exactly right. Thanks.

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    I have use a bore snake on mine as well with no issue and have used regular .22 cal brushes without any problem. If you were really that worried about it couldn't you just take a normal bore brush and pull the bristles on the rearward portion of the brush out until you only have one inch of bristles on the froward portion? If i'm understanding this correctly this is for cleaning from muzzle to chamber with the bolt in place locked in the rearward position. Is this correct?
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    Default .22 caliber differences

    Quote Originally Posted by NoScoE30 View Post
    That doesnt make any sense at all. How can a bore brush for a .22 not fit in a gun chambered in .22lr? The chamber is bigger than the bore, so it should be fine.
    I have tried to use a .22 brush in my .22lr, and then after failing to effectively use I did a little research and found that .22 cal is .224" while .22lr bore diameter is slightly smaller - .217 if I remember correctly.

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    Granted, I don't own a GSG 22 or whatever they're named now, but am I daft thinking you would leave the bolt inside the gun while cleaning the bore? Is there some reason the entire gun wouldn't be spread out on mom's kitchen table while you clean the bore?

    Not understanding this line of thinking.
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