HK21 Bolt Carrier stuck
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Thread: HK21 Bolt Carrier stuck

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    Default HK21 Bolt Carrier stuck

    I have a Volmer HK21 that I just got, and I have not fired it yet. However, I was checking functionality and everything seemed to be working fine. I disassembled it to clean and put it back together and now it is very difficult to pull the cocking handle back now. Its as if the bolt is locked in the chamber and takes a good wack to pull it back. It was working fine so not sure what I did wrong. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    if the charging handle is anything like the HK91/etc you might need to replace the charging handle. Eventually the pivot-side will wear down to the point where the geometry gets messed up.
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    Perhaps you have something stuck in the rollers.

    You did lube it before reassembly right?
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