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Thread: Different types of 33 / 93 trunnions ???

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    Default Different types of 33 / 93 trunnions ???

    Two different 33 front ends, notice the tab or ramp on the trunnion on the right. Anybody know why the difference? One earlier or later?

    What do your HK93s have in them?


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    My '93 (33E with sear) looks like the one on the left. The right seems to have an additional 'feed ramp' built into the design that goes under the bolt head when it's in battery. I'm unsure of the lineage of which came first, but both are interesting, and I hadn't noticed that before.

    If you look closely, you can also see that the magazine interface tab on the lower edge of the trunnion is wider on the right, vs. the '93 trunnion on the left. Interesting, and I hope one of the '93 collectors on here can shed some light on it,
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    BTT, hate to bug, but really looking to find out which of these people have in their '93s. I need to figure out which one to use......

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    It almost looks to me like it may have been a running change. The one with the tab looks like the tab is sitting down in a depression in the trunnion body. FWIW, I have 2 53 kits, and 2 HK93s, they all look like the one on the left. I've never seen one with the tab as in the one on the right.

    If you're only going to build one of them, I'd use the one on the left.

    Now watch someone reply that the one on the right is vastly superior and doubles the accuracy or longevity of the rifle...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ptoguy View Post
    Hmmmm, never noticed that.

    Wait, lemme grab a hacksaw and I'll check one of mine.:D

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    Default Modded G3 on right

    My understanding is the one on the right is early 33.
    The trunion is a G3 with the insert added by drilling and welding in the insert
    which gives the height to ramp the shoulder of the smaller round into the chamber.
    These are actually G3 trunions that were modified. The larger .308 round did not
    need the ramp up to chamber because of its larger size. With many thousands made
    they just modded the G3 trunion. I guess when supplies ran down they made new ones
    with the bottom thicker to ramp the .223 in one piece.

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    I'm so glad that I found this thread. I have a trunnion that I just could not get the barrel pin out of, so I bought another trunnion, and now I have what looks like the original post. I was kind of freaked out, wondering which one was correct, or if both were correct for my build. During the time I was pondering all this, I got out my big hammer and finally got the barrel pin out.

    Next step, wait for a HF sale, and pick up a press. Then I can finally get these builds up and running.

    Thanks for the great thread, with lots of great info.


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