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    Default MP5 .45 full auto

    I have a friend that is wanting to sale his HK MP5 in .45acp. I have never seen one of these and I looked in the HK bible and I did not find anything about it in there. It has a 4pos lower with full auto sear. Is it a kit gun or a fleming rifle. Please let me know he is offering a very good deal it.
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    Could be one of the Fleming conversions he did back in the early days post the 86 FOPA.

    Keep in mind SW also had a 45 gun...

    buy it for the sear

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    You are going to want to check the pedigree on that puppy. The Fleming guns (of which there are very few) seem to work better than the FIRST VERSION of SW guns. Then there is a 45X model of SW gun which was supposed to fix the problems of the earlier 45 gun. I have a bud who has a first edition of the gun which works well as a semi, but for some reason performs dismally with a sear. I have tried to tell him to send it in for service but that may now be too late as I believe Gilliebear now has ALL the SW 45 parts.

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