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Thread: MP5K vs MP5K-PDW - Anyone have experience/can share?

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    Lightbulb MP5K vs MP5K-PDW - Anyone have experience/can share?

    I am either going to go with an MP5K or MP5K-PDW.

    Question is, I can go AOW for $5, or SBR for $200, so just the K-grip saves me $195 [minus what the SOT charges to push the pin and do the install, which is local to me] (+ money on the stock, and possibly 922r parts).

    My prices are correct above, not interested in discussing. I could use input as to whether 922r applies to AOWs or not.

    More importantly, I am interested in usability. I find the mp5k with the sling pulled taught seems nice, but have not tried it at the range. How does this work with the K grip and the sling technique?

    This is being done on an MKE pistol.

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    You will never have the same comfort and control with a strap as with a stock.

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    Just register it as an SBR, but only get the K grip (after you get the stamp). That 195 saved on a stock will cover the rest of the 200 for the stamp. Try it with just the K grip and if it does not work save up for the stock. It's stricktly my opinion that if your going to go through the paperwork and the waiting you just as soon do it for an SBR.

    I have a 94K and 94P waiting on me when I return from deployment. The day I pick them up from the dealer I'll start working up the Form 1's (SBR) for each of them.

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    Myself would either go SBR or stay a pistol.
    Note if you are making an AOW, the making "tax" is $200.

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    922(r) applies to long arms.
    "Crushing the bejeezus out of targets since 1968!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTinIN View Post
    Myself would either go SBR or stay a pistol.
    Note if you are making an AOW, the making "tax" is $200.
    I won't be the one making it. Someone with a Mfging license would, so they paid a different annual tax instead.

    Straightgrain, thank you.

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    When some asks "To SBR Or Not To SBR", I always go with SBR.

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    SBR it!!... I have an SP-89 that I installed a Factory Navy barrel on. When The sear is installed I install the K grip and stock... TRUST ME the AOW looks cool.. But for real life shooting..put the stock on.
    DR UMP

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    I agree with the others who expressed the sentiment that you should do a SBR. I would also suggest that you consider if you would want to put a suppressor on it at some time in the future.
    The PDW version of the k is set up for either a threaded or 3-lug suppressor. I really enjoy the PDW with the folding stock.

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    I am going to go sbr and pdw. I will try just the k grip in about six months and post back.

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