H&K Branded B&T Suppressors

View Poll Results: POLL QUESTION: Which in the product line would you be most interested as HK branded?

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  • 1) MP5SD suppressors: like recent Dakota Tactical run with SD markings

    16 32.00%
  • 2) MP5QD (3-lug)

    19 38.00%
  • 3) The Impuls IIA for full size and compact (pistols 9mm/40mm/.45 ACP)

    15 30.00%
  • 4) The Rotex II and V series of rifle suppressors.

    22 44.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: H&K Branded B&T Suppressors

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    Default H&K Branded B&T Suppressors

    HK branded B&T suppressors available in the States; I am not sure how many people caught this at and after Shot Show. Joe from Dakota Tactical mentioned the HK/B&T VP9/Impuls IIA package at the time. That set-up was similar to that which was visible on the HK Suppressed Pistol Wall at Shot. Now, I'm hearing rumors that the entire B&T line may become available. Wouldn’t that be awesome? And what if we could get them HK Branded to boot?!

    Finally, HK Sanctioned Authorized Suppressors available to us here in the States. I know, I know the OSS is sanctioned along with a KAC or two. But I am one of those, and I know I have much company, that like building European Styled projects. Weren’t B&T’s designed for H&K’s? Finally, we may just yet get to stop asking why we aren’t allowed to have them.

    Maybe we can finally have the right European Style cans for our 416/417/G28 clones.

    My rekindled interested stems from an over year long ordeal attempting to buy SureFire Suppressors and a recent Suppressed MP5 thread.

    So with this rumor in mind and assuming EVERYONE wants suppressors that are HK branded, I am asking in this Poll which in the product line would you be most interested as HK branded products?

    Please vote and comment. Perhaps we can change some things from a possibility to a certainty.
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    Yea I caught onto this back in December and found a dealer here in Ohio. They had decent stock of the more popular cans for MP5s but I wanted a SD can. It took a little longer to make it to Ohio than I was thinking but I did get my Form 4s filed on April 3rd. Mine is marked B&T and MP5-SD.

    I would be interested in a Rotex V but my understanding is that this is a 2018 proposition at best. I might be interested in a Impuls IIA too. It would be nice to include "for H&K" markings too.
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    This would probably be the push I need to swap the barrel out of my SP5K.
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    Please note that the DT branded suppressors are not of our manufacture. They are OEM'd for us by B&T USA to the same specification as the SD suppressors that B&T CH provides to HK Germany.
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    I think if we want to let the manufacturer of our favorite firearms and the manufacturer of suppressors designed for our favorite firearms that we want them to release HK branded suppressors to us here in the States, we need to get this poll to demonstrate it.

    Let's go guys!!!
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    I have an HK marked B&T Impuls II for my MK23

    as well as an HK marked VAIME for my P7 SD

    But then I live in Europe. I wish I could get a KAC for my MK23.
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    At this point anything to get rid of OSS would be a huge win.
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    I did a similar thread a few month back and I see the poll results are panning out the same way. Rotex V.

    Honestly, it would be cool to have a HK marked one, but what's kept me away from buying one is the dealer mark up on B&T products. I know it's a new company in the US with a great legacy, but the the mark-up is worse than a few particular HK dealers. Here's my point. If I'm in the market for a MP5 SD Can and I know this one is not available to me for $450: https://www.armsunlimited.com/Heckle...r-p/205903.htm My next choice would perhaps be a Coharies (Omega) for $400-450. If I wanted to upgrade to a slightly better can, I would go for a TPM Outfitters for $600. Why some people will spend $1,195 or $1300 for a B&T marked sealed suppressor just doesn't make sense to me financially especially since these will not be a limited run. I know, I know, everyone has to make money, but sorry, I'm done with it being at my expense.

    Anyhow, when the Rotex V Compact finally comes into production, I plan on getting one at a fair deal with good service.

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    We run B&T suppressors on our 417's - some are with HK logo, some are not.

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    I voted--- 3) please!!!


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