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Thread: *DEFINITIVE* P30/P30L LEM Trigger Chart

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    Default *DEFINITIVE* P30/P30L LEM Trigger Chart

    After going round and round and round and round some more on the dang LEM variants forever I realized there really should be a simple chart with part numbers for this. This issue is mainly created by having to settle for whichever LEM variant you or your dealer can scrounge up. In my case it was a P30L V1 which totally screwed me up since everyone seems to be able to get a P30 V2 and then convert from there.

    Based on info from this forum as well as a lot of searching in others I have the following chart. So all the "stock spring" or "heavy spring" or "light spring" are now defined, by variant and with the HK part numbers. I also cross-checked on HKPARTS (since they don't always display the HK Part number) and all seem correct.

    FPBS = Firing Pin Block Spring
    TRS = Trigger Return Spring
    HS = Hammerspring

    Hope this is helpful, experts please check and if I have anything wrong I will update the chart on this post.


    Updated 5/19 - added approximate trigger pulls to chart
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    Good work. That should help clear up some questions. Including mine!


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    That's a good idea to post this in that format...there's been some confusion in the past and it took me a while to sort it out a few months ago. I believe only one correction is needed: V1 uses the same 214695 hammer spring as V2 and V4. (That means there's another unofficial variant even lighter than V1 with all three light springs, though I doubt many people use it...too light IMHO.)

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    has anyone tried just going light on the:
    FPBS = Firing Pin Block Spring and the
    TRS = Trigger Return Spring

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    Great post and welcome to the forum!

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    Now that's how you newbs should come to a forum!
    Welcome to the Darkside brother WGFinley.

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    Nice chart!

    V1-LEM is the way to go. If 5.5 pounds is too light use the heavier TRS (Todd version).

    There is no trigger return spring, it's a trigger "rebound" spring, or even "elbow spring for trigger".

    The so called Light LEM hammer and trigger springs for the P30 are nothing more than the standard V3 springs. Should be no trouble finding either of them.

    209296 is the standard Light LEM FPB spring for all HK pistols as far as I can tell. Whole USP series, HK45/HK45C, P30. Except it's a "compression spring for drop safety catch" in the P30. Arrrrg!

    -- Chuck

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    Good job WGFinley!

    Welcome Home brother!
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    Thanks for the info. I had thought that the V1 hammer spring was the same as the other setups, so this is good to know. Do we also have the lb. change for each spring type between the two?

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    As far as the V1 having the lighter hammerspring that info came from this forum: Anyone running the HK P30? Opinions - Page 2 - Forums

    It seemed pretty comprehensive to me, unfortunately what comes up on HK Parts is not complete when it comes to part usage. If someone has some definitive info on which hammerspring the V1 has I'm up for changing it.

    As far as what you call the TRS I went by HKPARTS:

    Thanks for the props on the chart, what took the longest was part numbers for what many were calling "standard" springs, usually these were the heavies already installed on the V2. If anything at all is wrong, since I'm by no means any expert and just trying to get all the info from at least a dozen different threads and posts and websites point it out and I will get it corrected.

    Finally, to be completely honest I don't know if I'm "new" so much as resurrected. I got my first HK in 1998 after a lot of time spent on the HKPRO website when it was mainly a website (don't recall a forum then). Unless I'm confusing this site with another.

    I'm hoping to have my P30L V1 by tomorrow, it's becoming pretty clear to me I'm pretty lucky to have found one, I'm sure pictures will be posted. :)

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