Quick Guide to German "Beschuss"-Markings
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Thread: Quick Guide to German "Beschuss"-Markings

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    Default Quick Guide to German "Beschuss"-Markings

    Hey Guys,

    Edit: Thanks for the Heads Up, didn't know there was such an Article already. This is meant as an addition to: The HKPro Guide

    this thread inspired me to write a quick reference for the german "Beschuss"-Markings (The marking a gun gets when it is tested in germany).
    I think this might interest one or the other to know what those little markings on the Barrels actually mean.

    This is only for HK-Guns tested in Germany

    What exactly is tested?
    Each weapon is shot using Ammunition with an additional 30% of pressure. This is to ensure safety in the usage of each weapon. "V"-marked weapons use even stronger Ammunition.
    Hardness, Safety and Tolerances of the weapon are tested using this method.

    Let's start with the Civilian Models:

    1) The Eagle:
    The Eagle itself is just a marking to indicate a german Agency has tested this weapon. The type of Eagle can vary, but has no specific meaning.
    However, the Alphabet below IS important. Each alphabet tells us what kind of testing it went through:

    • N - "Normaler/Nitro Beschuss", this weapon has undergone normal testing procedures using Nitro Bullets
    • V - "Verstärkter Beschuss", this weapon has been tested with stronger Ammo
    • J - "Instandsetzungsbeschuss", this weapon has been tested after it underwent some form of maintenance/repair

    (There are more, for example, "SP" for black Powder testing. However, they should be extreemly rare amongst HK weapons)

    2) The Number/Alphabet
    This indicates the year the weapon was tested. The above example was tested 2009. Alternatively you will find Alphabets like "AK". Those mean the same thing.
    A = 0, B = 1, .... K = 9.

    3) Antlers
    This is the Sign of the actual Agency testing the weapon. Each Agency has a different Sign. The Above is from the "Beschussamt Ulm", which basically tests most of the HK weapons exiting production.
    Here's a short list of all the other Agencies:
    - Hannover
    - Kiel
    - Köln
    - Mellrichstadt
    - München
    - Suhl

    4) Numbers
    Some Markings include an additional string of Numbers. These are just an internal serial number of that Agency.
    However, these seem to be pretty rare. Not to be confused with the actual Serial Number of the gun.

    5) Special Symbols

    Marking for weapons that are no longer capable of firing bullets

    Military/Police Weapons

    There are different types of markings for military weapons. Some even have both, civilian and military markings. But, each weapon has to be tested by the "Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung" (BWB - Military Equipment testing agency).

    The same goes for the Police. They employ a similar sign:

    - "Vor und nach der Jägerprüfung" - Krebs
    - Kleines Lexikon der Beschusszeichen
    - BeschussV - Einzelnorm
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