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Thread: USP Detailed disassembly instructions

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    Really, I didn't know that. It displays fine on my machine, is it just when you try to convert it?
    Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, them dang olí HKs, man, talkin' bout SUH-WEET, man, dang ol' point and click, baby, just, just, dang ol' awesome, man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeray View Post
    Really, I didn't know that. It displays fine on my machine, is it just when you try to convert it?
    Just when I recover it since there is a password on it you can view it and save it but you cannot convert it into html or any other format for that matter.

    I used Adobe Acrobat Pro to do that.

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    OMG TYVM, very well done!
    Certified Koch Lover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiser Gorlak View Post
    OMG TYVM, very well done!
    You are very welcome - I am getting more and will be posting them here shortly.

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    Or this one is again available!

    H&K USP Armorers Manual
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    Default Complete HK USP DVD ?

    Has anybody tried this DVD,


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    Great job, thank you. To change mine from a v1 to v3 is it just a matter of changing the control detent plate and the lever? Please advise, all you wise folks.
    Thanks, T.K.

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    You can just change the detent plate. If you don't want the SF markings you can either change the CL to one that does not have the SF marks or blacken in the marks with Testors model car paint. That's a lot cheaper than a control lever and looks almost as good. Other than the SF marks the two CLs are the same.
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    Great instructions! Helped a good deal on clone build ups!

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    Smile Quality Item A+

    This is a really quality Item A+ I am sure it will help many H&K owners.

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