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Thread: Bolt assembly and bolt gap instructions

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    Thanks for the offer. I've done some searching. I didn't see anyone describing my exact problem, but I think I know where to start.

    I'll start a new thread.
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    Links fixed. Sorry this took so long. I forgot all about it.
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    Thanks for this info! I need to get a feeler gage to check my C93. Don't have much automotive use for it, since I drive a Jetta TDI and a Mercedes CDI...

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    I got one at ACE hardware for about 8 dollars. Very handy.
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    Is there a "Magic Number" that the bolt gap was set at when the rifle left the factory? What was the norm for the gap to be set at from the factory?

    I'm asking because my Unfired SR9T the gap is .015" which is just above mid point of the gap range of .010"-.018"
    I have +2 rollers I can install, but that would take me just above the maximum to .019"

    Which someone told me that the PSG1's were set above .020" to help soften the recoil?? (I don't want to put the person on the spot)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    There was no magic number, just in spec, to my knowledge. PM G3Kurtz and see if he tells you different, he'd know.
    Not sure I buy that about the PSG-1. Seems they'd be more concerned about the longevity of the gun than a little difference in recoil.
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    Default ow much pressure to insert feeler guages!

    Okay, so when checking the bolt gap, how much pressure should be used to insert the feeler guages.
    On my MP5 clone, the .23mm guage slides in freely with little effort, if I use the .25mm feeler, it takes a little bit of pressure. I understand I am on the low end and plan on buying the 8.04 rollers; does this sound about right?

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    Basically you're just looking for some drag on the gauge.

    Make sure the gauge is going in straight and that you're able to 'bottom out'. You won't (or shouldn't) be able to force the gauge in if it's too large, so you're probably right at .25mm

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    Thank's Uriah.
    HK work is definately not like working on Glocks, thats for damn sure.

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    I was re-assembling my HK94A3 and when i was putting the locking piece back in the head of the bolt I could not remember if it went slot up or slot down. Although it appears to only go in one way and it appears to cycle and fire properly I have not seen any pictures or diagrams to show how it looks properly installed.

    Anyone have any insight or photos?



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