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Thread: Field Stripping & Bolt/Carrier Assembly Diagrams

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    I wouldn't admit to using a table vise here! Not a good idea at all!!!!! :)

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    Very nice pictures

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    Just helped me on my first disassembly and cleaning. Thanks.

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    I am but one more appreciative gun cleaner, thank you.
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    You made it alot easier .....

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    I just took possession of my HK 91 with date code 1982. It is in great shape. I bathed it in Weapons Shield and was able to reassemble thanks to your great pictures and tips. Thanks a lot!

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    From the very first post: "Hope this helps someone with a locked bolt and some sweat on his face."

    Indeed. While 'investigating' my bolt and carrier after my discussion in this post - Stocks, Endcaps and Buffers... OH MY! A little advice needed... - I managed to lock up the bolt on my '53. This sticky has been immensely helpful and educational. Thanks for the post so long ago BattleRifleman and the follow-up post by PCC.

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    Just wanted to say many, many thanks for posting this info and the detailed photos. It was extremely helpful and made cleaning and reassembling the bolt/carrier very easy. The shop owner selling me my 1981 HK91 told me to never break it down since it would probably take two people to reassemble it. I always felt a little dirty for not breaking the bolt/carrier down for cleaning. Now my 91 and I are both feel cleaner! Thank you again!
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    @BattleRifleMan and PCC--

    Thank you both! I'm embarrassed I've never properly cleaned my '82 HK91 until I got a PTR and decided to bite the bullet, since they included directions on disassembly and reassembly of the bolt/bolt carrier. Well, "directions" is a bit kind; they're the Cliff Notes and you guys gave us the encyclopedia version.

    Thanks to you, I can stop cussing and put the bolt back together again. Now I'm going to go clean the HK91's bolt properly, too!


    P.S. I'm especially grateful for the pictures; I know how hard it is to do those properly and I appreciate the effort you made in posting them.

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    I am new to the forum having just taken delivery of a 1980 HK91. The gun appears to have never been fired but as with any new gun, I first like to field strip it to ensure everything is in working order. I was able to reassembly the bolt (thanks to this thread) and put the rifle back together. However, after it is dry fired, the bolt assembly snaps closed, the rollers go out and the charging handle no longer moves the bolt assembly. The only way to free it is to use a screwdriver to pry the bolt and recreate the proper gap (which retracts the rollers). What I am doing wrong?

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