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Thread: Field Stripping & Bolt/Carrier Assembly Diagrams

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    Default Field Stripping & Bolt/Carrier Assembly Diagrams

    I refer to the bolt locking lever as the check lever so as not to confuse it with the locking piece.
    I thought (fathers voice "You don't get paid to think!)I saw it called that somewhere. Don't want to have to photoshop them again.

    Hope this helps someone with a locked bolt and some sweat on his face. I was there once myself. In front of a friend telling me how easy his FAL was to strip. It took me 20 minutes, now I can do it with my eyes closed.

    By the way your fired brass will look like this. The black marks are gas residue from where the chamber flutes are.

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    I thought I might add a few images to this post. If the rollers on your 91/G3/93 are stuck out and you're not sure what to do, see if the images below might help.

    If you already have the bolt/carrier apart start at step 4.

    Rollers Stuck Out

    (1) As you look at the bolt face, holding the bolt carrier, turn the bolt 90 degrees in a counter clockwise direction. It can be tough to do, there's not a lot of room to grab onto.

    (2) Now slide the bolt forward about 3/16", You don't want to slide the bolt off the locking lever.

    If you slide the bolt off the locking lever, continue onto step 4.1

    (3) Now rotate the bolt 90 degrees clockwise.

    The rollers should be loose and you should be able to easily slide the bolt/bolt carrier back in the rifle.

    If the rollers didn't quite go in all the way, push the bolt away from the bolt carrier.


    (4) Insert locking piece/firing pin & spring

    (4.1) Turn until the flat of the locking piece is parallel with the edge of the locking lever, you should be able to see the catch of the locking piece in the 'window' of the bolt carrier.

    Now push the bolt, A ,all the way back to the carrier.
    If it is difficult, simultaneously push on the end of the locking lever, B

    Now rotate the bolt about 45 degrees CW.

    Now continue with Step (2) above


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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks Patrick,
    I think i got the trick down know it will be nice not to want to through it against the wall every time i clean, Thanks again, Rod

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    This is just what heir docktor ordered! I really appreciate the attention to detail and all the great overlays on the photos. Stripping mine in the AM! Thanks!
    USP C .40 SS
    2x USP Custom Combat 45 aka "The Twins".
    HK 91
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    this here has helped me so much.

    thank you.


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    Great photos, diagrams and overlays!! Thank you to both BattleRifleman and PCC for the effort. I'm a new PTR-91 owner and would have been pulling out my hair without these.

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    5 stars, wonderful photos of some great educational work.

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    Thanks for the tips... oh man was I motherf*ing myself...

    If you have trouble - assemble the locking piece without the spring or firing pin to get rid of unneeded tension... then once you get the hang of it - assemble it for real.

    Once you know what you're doing its easy... I'm about to take it apart and put it back together for fun and practice. :P

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    oh yeah....90 degrees.......that would explain my issues......

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    Great job, very useful.
    Also look on youtube and do a search for 'HK, CETME bolt gap' and
    you will come up with some pretty solid information.

    Anyone here change their PTR rollers out for the larger ones?
    I am thinking about doing the same.

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