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Thread: HK Locking Piece Table

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    Default HK Locking Piece Table

    I have created a web link to an "easier" to read HK locking piece reference guide. vBulletin, the software that drives this forum, does not really play well with tables. Many thanks to Eric for providing the basis of this ongoing sticky.

    If you have addition, deletions, corrections... post 'em here and I will try and get the table updated!

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    Nice, really nice to have that.
    G3/HK91 - no marking
    #26 locking piece should show 80 degrees
    Might also add that #25 is for 10mm only, not 40 (at least according to the armorer's manual)

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    Thanks! Keep 'em coming. I'm going to try and update the table on a somewhat regular basis. I think it would be a good idea to have a "second" on each mod. Sound good?

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    Cool, Also I forgot to ad the
    21 with no # should be 50' but you need to measure it as some are 54' .
    BTW, I usually check all of them to be sure before installing them into a weapon.
    And , yes , I install 5.56 into a 7.62 carrier and visaversa - with a little mods.

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    Could you describe the mods and explain how you decide which LP you need for which load? Thats the true mystery to the LP question.. which one and WHY

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    I would also like to know that answer.

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    Appreciate the table. Very helpful

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    The 28/80 LP is for PDWs (5" bbl according to the manual). The 16 is for standard K's (4" bbl according to the manual). The LP's (for these weapons) are dictated by the barrel lengths, but your chart indicates the same 5.5 length for both of these variants.

    Also, a standard MP5A LP (8" bbl) may have no markings. 5 is the old SD marking, replaced by "SD only".
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    Hey, very well done.

    One thing, while I am pretty sure that the 23T and 30T locking peices are titanium and are for the MSG90, are you sure the degree is the same? I understand that the difference is that one is for use with a suppressor so convensional wisdom dictates that they would be different? Trouble is that I think someone told which was which but I do not remember the answer. I think I called HK about this years ago to get positive confirmation and I dont recall getting the courtesy of a return phone call from the tech guy there. I got busy with other things and forgot about it. I should probably take my build apart as I want to say that I used whatever Gordom Miller told me was the correct locking piece for a correct non-suppressed factory MSG90.
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    The new SD locking piece is 115 Deg, is it not?

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