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Thread: Opinions on Laser Sights for HK USP C .45

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    Default Opinions on Laser Sights for HK USP C .45

    New to the forum bur not new to my HK USP c. Absolutely love the gun and it has been the best investment of my life (literally) I have just started researching different laser sights for this model but it seems as though most don't fit the small USP C frame rails. Reason I ask is that a few nights ago I wash cleaning out my car at the local car wash like I always do. I am always aware of my surroundings which is why I am still around. I noticed, in my rear view mirror, a black male coming up behind me with what looked like a black shirt in one hand and a revolver in the other. I watched him and waited till he was in range and immediately flew out of the vehicle and drew down on him yelling at him to show me his hands. He put down the shirt and inside the shirt (found this later when the cops arrived) was, sure enough, a loaded snub nose .357 magnum with the hammer pulled back. I got the drop on him before it could have gotten really bad. After going over the events of that night I realized that a laser/light combo would have helped tramendously in that low light and also with accuracy, had it come to that. I know they are a bit expensive but any advantage I can get over these criminals is worth it to me IMO. I am a changed man after the events of that evening. My question than is:

    What are some reputable brands and companies that make laser/light attatchments that fir the compact size rails of the HK USP Compact? I am kind of leaning towards the Viridian green laser that comes with an attatchment to fit the shorter rails. Any expert opinions on what I should go with. Sorry for the long read but I wanted to at least give the reason why I am personally looking for this. Thanks in advance


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    Wow, that's a hell of a story. Do a search in the pistol forum. This subject comes up all the time. There are many you can go with. I had one for the USP45c but I didn't like it at all. It was more of a distraction than going with the iron sights, and then if the laser doesn't work you have to switch your mind back to iron sights mode and by then you could be dead so my advice is to get some night sights and be done with it.

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    Good situational awareness. I don't care what anybody says ~ that may be more important than having a firearm.

    I have been entertaining the very pricey but effective Surefire X400.
    The light can help with temporary blinding as well as illuminating the target and the laser can help you get on track.

    My problem is which USP to put it on.
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    If you get a light you can identify your target when dark.

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    Good situational awareness. I don't care what anybody says ~ that may be more important than having a firearm.
    Very true. The fact that I had a gun would have been of no use had I not identified the threat. Situational awareness is key in every situation. I will look into some nights sights as well but really have my mind set on the laser/light attatchment. I tried the search function and for some reason me and 'search' functions don't get along as it brought up way to broad a subject or none at all..Thank you for the responses. I will look into the Surefire X400. Does this fit the USP's compact rails? That was the problem I was having. Actually finding a laser/light that fit that frame. Viridian Green Laser sells one that comes with an attatchment especially for the HK USPc but $399 is pretty steep (although I really like the green laser) I am just glad I am still here to even talk about it. Just goes to show you that you never know. Keep your eyes open guys and if you 'see' a gun you have a legal right to use deadly force. Don't become a statistic.
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    I would really advise against the whole laser/light attachment. Get some tritium sights and practice like crazy. If you begin to rely on the laser and something happens you can be in a world of hurt. I know you said you pretty much have your mind made up, I completely respect that, I am just offering my opinion. If you want to get a light attachment that is cool, but even that can be a distraction. The last thing you want to do is start fiddling with your weapon when for some reason the light or laser is malfunctioning. The best would be tritium sights. Draw your weapon and lock eyes with the assailant letting him know you mean business.

    my $.02
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    Just talked with a friend of mine who is a police officer and I asked what he thought about a laser/light for my HK. He also said that it was a waste of money and I did not need one. He said the gun I have is about as good as you can get and don't go adding mods to it when you don't need them. And it seems as though the advice I am getting here is the same. I may look into the night sites though. I like the Heinie Straight Eight for those. Keeps the emphasis on the front site which is the most important. Thanks for the help. Gonna keep my HK mod free.

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