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    Default HK P30 Cleaning question - New Owner

    Hello All-
    First of all, I wanted to say hello and thanks for providing great information on this forum! I just purchased my first handgun, a HK P30 9mm, and this site helped me in my decision.

    I must say the gun feels like a dream to hold and shoot, I cannot wait to get better with it.

    On to my question:

    When breaking down the gun to clean it, the HK instructions say to push the slide back, lock it in place by pressing the slide release axle (right side of gun) so that it locks the slide in place with the notch on the left side of the gun.

    At this point the slide release lever is now protruding a little on the left side. But to release the slide fully you must get the slide release to show 'the red marks'. Here is where I'm confused.

    My friend and I were able to do this but we had to actually GRAB the slide release with our index finger and thumb from the left side and pull it out the rest of the way. This then released the slide. And, if you aren't holding the slide with your right hand, it will snap to the unlocked position.

    The instruction manual with the gun makes it sound like the slide release can just be pushed through fully, as opposed to half way locking the slide, then pulling the other half.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do you actually have to push the slide release half way first, then PULL it out the rest of the way? If so, should I be holding the slide to relieve some pressure before pulling out the slide release the rest of the way?

    thanks for all the help!


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    Yes, you can only push it out part way. Need to pull it the rest of the way to clear the slide. You should be holding the slide though, to keep it from snapping forward when the slide release finally clears the slide.

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    thank you for the quick reply!

    I'll hold the slide moving forward.


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    Welcome to the Forums. Congrats on your P30. Lots of very good info here on everything HK.

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