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Thread: Sights or me?

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    Default Sights or me?

    Not sure whether this question belongs on Range Report! forum or Rookie Corner....but since its only my second time to the range with my USP .45 Compact, I'll post my question here in Rookie Corner.


    Well, first of all, I'm thrilled that after 150 rounds downrange in two quick trips, the holes in the standard NRA range targets are predominantly in the black. This tells me two things.... 1.) my pistol expert qualification ratings from my USMC days (20 years ago) aren't a fluke, but more importantly, 2.) my HK is an accurate handgun. But.... I've noticed something. Granted its early days (150 rounds and all), so I should keep an eye on this.

    I notice that at longer distances, 16-20+ yards, b/w 65%-70% of my shotholes are left of center of the 10/bull. If the target were a man, he'd still be hit in the chest, but many of those shots are in the 4 to 8 value range of the target on the left side (as you face it).

    Is this possible an issue with my sights, or is it more likely my sight picture tendency or something I'm doing with my trigger finger placement? Not complaining, but after so many years of not shooting very much at all, I'm pleased I've not lost my overall accuracy. Appreciate any opinions. I'll be keeping tabs on it in future range visits. And trying different trigger finger placements, etc.

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    Left of center... very common for new shooters of the USP. Finger control, that's what it was for me when I had the same problem on my USPc9. Keep shooting, don't touch those sights just yet. There is a "wheel" posted somewhere here that pinpoints what the shooter is doing wrong, based on where the shots are hitting.


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    Ohhh!!! the "dreaded" wheel!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Furyataurus View Post
    Ohhh!!! the "dreaded" wheel!!!!

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    I believe this is the dreaded wheel of which you speak:

    Look where your shots are grouping, then see what the prescribed change would be. And reverse it if you're a southpaw.

    Just keep in mind that sometimes, even if you're doing something "wrong" according to the chart, you're better off just adjusting the sights. If you are very consistent, and can keep tight groups that are all in one sector, then just adjust the sights and be done with it. But usually that's not the case and if you correct one of the reasons on the wheel, your accuracy and precision will both improve.
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