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    Default HK4 buffer?


    I'm posting my question again in this forum b/c I didn't have any takers in the handgun forum. Hopefully, someone out there will have an answer (even if it's "I don't know")

    Can someone please explain to me, how the HK4's buffer functions, how to recognize when it needs to be replaced, and what happens if the weapon is fired with a buffer that needs to be replaced?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The buffer removes much of the impact forces associated with the slide movement (battering) during the blowback action when firing. Without the buffer, or with a ineffective/worn out buffer the slide and frame will take undue stess. The result of firing with a defective buffer can cause malfuntions and eventually crack the frame or cause other damage. The buffer is a type of polymer (plastic) that deteriorates due to use and/or age. The supply of replacement buffers has been very hit and miss over the past few years but the good news is that Numrich currently has them in stock, can sell in lots of 5 if desired, and are pretty cheap. When bad they become discolored, brittle, and cracked. If you have any doubt about the condition of your HK4's buffer just go ahead and replace it.
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    One of the best ways to think about the buffer is to consider it as the "ball joint" of your gun. It provides needed cushion and protection to ensure a smooth ride. As the cushion wears out, its ability to provide the desired effect decreases with time. You probably do not even realize that it is happening because the effect is gradual. A hard, brittle ball joint will not do its job and will result in a noisy ride and premature wear of components.

    As previously stated, it's a cheap part and a quick inspection is all it takes. The part is cheap and easy to replace. If I can find an old one, I'll try to post pictures side by side with a new one.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I'll be surfing over to Numrich next...


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