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    Default Stolen Gun Registry


    Just wanted to see where everyone's opinions lay on this subject. Most of us have conducted FTF's with people and just maybe you believe the weapon is HOT. If i get that feeling then of course i don't purchase. However I have come to the conclusion that there should be some sort of national registry of stolen firearms. Ie. should i report a firearm stolen the PD would turn that into a national registry with public access. Now this is just a spurt of the moment idea, and im sure there are drawbacks and i would like them highlighted please. Florida already has this available at

    Just want to know what people think and any ideas they have on this matter. Would you consider it a gun control thing?

    I feel that this could help firearms which are stolen get back to thier rightful owners.

    Anyways... throwing it out there... I hope to see this thread bloody by next posting!
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    Arrow FDLE database for stolen listed firearms and goods...

    In the past I've posted that link up for people to look at...

    Florida's FDLE system is linked to NCIS...

    My two HK pistols are still listed in the system as stolen from 3 years ago...

    Look under the stolen firearm listing inside the Guns For Sale Forum... Tacked up top...

    I check with the system religously...

    How-ever no one has access except for L.E. agencies to the NCIS system linked in West Virginia...

    Only the state linked data systems we have access too as shown...
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