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Thread: HK Hitch Cover... interest?

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    Default HK Hitch Cover... interest?

    Like many of you, I am eaten up by all the cool little things that have 'HK' printed on them. I ordered the hitch cover last month and to my surprise it was a little flimsy injection molded plastic cover. It is essentially the same as the ones you get when you sign up for a membership to Better Homes and Gardens at the state fair. (I don't know this for a fact, just guessing).

    I decided I wanted something more substantial than the little plastic hitch cover that was going to break the first time we got some snow or someone brushed it with their leg. I came up with an aluminum and stainless version that will be robust and REALLY good looking. The actual 'HK' logo will be purchased from HK, so no trademark infringements.

    What I would like to know is what is the interest and what would the average HKPro member pay for one of these? (machined aluminum face with stainless tube that inserts into 2" hitch receiver)


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    I would be interested, if finished in black!!!
    Price depends on the costs of materials/supplies--- I would probably pay $25.00.


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    Sure. Depending on what it actually looks like.
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    I'm in.
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    Funny you mention this. I own a carwash and was all pumped.up when I saw one laying in the middle of the carwash, until I saw it was totalled cause it was so cheap.

    I'd be interested in one.

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    This is what I have in mind. Just need to cut some metal now...

    HK Hitch Cover... interest?-hk_hitch.jpg

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    As an owner/user of the flimsy plastic cover, I would be interested in one for around $25

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    I am so in.
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    Someone was making/selling these here several years ago. I bought one from here, although they came un-painted. Anyway, if we can figure out who it was, perhaps he'd be some help? I don't know anything about CNC milling, was just thinking it might be a help?

    I'll get a pic of mine on my truck. I painted mine black and dark red/maroon to match my truck
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    I'm in for sure!!

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