HK 26.5 mm flare gun
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    Default HK 26.5 mm flare gun

    Hey forum!!

    A few months ago I purchased a Hk 26.5mm flare guns along with a bunch different round for it. Oh it works great but I am curious. I sates hk on the weapon but also SIG A1 ,26.5mm hk. I bought it ofcourse because it said HK but can anyone shed light on the SIG name on it as well? Thank PM or respond to this thread . Karl

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    I always figured the "SIG" was short for "signal" and not Sig-Sauer

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    made for someone else(I dunno, Sweden or something like that) besides Germany, but its a HK, there is also one that starts with RaK

    there is also the commercial version, same besides markings

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    Got a picture(s)??
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