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Thread: HK MR556 MSRP and Dealer cost

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    Default HK MR556 MSRP and Dealer cost

    Dealer: HK MR556-A5 RIFLE $2,280.59

    MSRP: $2,995.00

    Now you know...

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    How about just the upper...

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    Seems like it should eventually retail for $2500-$2600 once HK gets a decent amount out on the market.

    Works for me.
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    If this holds true, they will sell like hot cakes at $2499
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    Price sound about right for High end AR's.

    Noveske AR's on that price range too.

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    Haha, I still need a better job but 2500-2600 is more doable for me for sure. Now just to wait till they drop to that...

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    Just got off the phone with HK CS for another issue, and had to ask about the MR556... they said "The MR556 will hit dealers in June"... First time I have ever got anything specific out of them. =)


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    They told me the same thing

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    About the same wholesale/retail spread as the FN SCAR I just hope HK doesnt pull the same type of marketing shenanigans that FN pulled. Sure the wholesale was under 2200 dollars but they made you buy about 12K worth of hard to move FN weapons to get the opportunity to buy SCARS. People were bitching about the scalper pricing of SCARs on the net but the reality is the true wholesale cost was much higher than the advertised wholesale. Alot of dealers ended up having to sell the hard to move FN items at a loss just to move them. Now that FN has discontinued that the prices of SCARs has dropped down to a more normal level.
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