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Thread: Geissele HK416/MR556 Rail Order List

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    Default Geissele HK416/MR556 Rail Order List

    UPDATE: 11.21.2012

    If anyone else would like to order a Geissele HK416/MR556 Modular Rail, please place any orders through their website moving forward. Please note, Bill said there maybe a price increase moving forward this December.

    Super Modular Rail HK 416/MR 556


    Hi Guys,

    Chatted with Bill and he's got all his rail machines cranking on multiple DoD contract orders for HK416 rails. Again, he apologizes for the wait, but contracts take precedence. He's already out of the initial 15" AR rail batch, but said he should have 416 overruns from these current orders. In several weeks they will have a good idea of how many 10.5" rails they will have. And after these it will be a couple weeks for the 14.5" rails.

    SO, I'm starting a list for him and it'll be a first post, first serve until he's out of rails again.

    In case you aren't familiar with the new Geissele Automatic rail system developed for the HK416 for U.S. SF, then click here to preview.

    - 14.5" modular rail system. Price: $375
    - 10.5" modular rail system. Price: $350
    - Blemished rail systems (these could have messed up laser marking, maybe a cross bolt's detent screw being messed up, etc). You can inquire when they contact you). Price $250
    - Color options are only Black or Sand Matte.

    1) Post which rail size and color you want.
    2) PM me your full name, phone # and email.
    3) I'll submit the list in a few weeks
    4) Once they have fulfilled military orders, they will contact you to let you know that they have a rail ready for you. You can arrange payment with them.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to restrictions with ITAR, shipping requests for out of US will not be possible.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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    pointblank is first for a 14.5 in black.

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    Is the 10.5" modular rail system short enough to use the gas block mounted front sight on a standard MR223/556?

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    Nope, you lose the ability to use anything on the gas block.

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    Sir, I would be in for a 10.5 in black, PM inbound...........thanks for setting this up!

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    Signing up for one 14.5" Rail whether or not it is a blemished one is fine as long as it is only cosmetic damage.
    Color, prefer sand, but will take any color
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    In for 14.5 in black; cosmetic blem OK. PM inbound...

    Been waiting for this one: much obliged.

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    14.5" Blemished rail system Sand Matte $250 for celt.

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    Blk 14.5

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    Blk 14.5 blem only-Got Mine ! Worth the Wait!
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