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Thread: Geiselle MR556 trigger price increase

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    Default Geiselle MR556 trigger price increase

    So I noticed Bill bumped his prices up on the HK triggers to near $500. While I know he does quality work I cant justify five hundo on a trigger. What would everyone's second choice be ... JP or KAC? Thanks

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    Wow! I've got a couple of SSAs in ARs, and they are a definite step up from the standard triggers. I'd buy more at $200 a pop for my other ARs if I could afford it. While the MR trigger isn't as good as my SSAs, it's not $500 worse.
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    pricey considering the SSF HK416 triggers go for $400

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kunc View Post
    So I noticed Bill bumped his prices up on the HK triggers to near $500. While I know he does quality work I cant justify five hundo on a trigger. What would everyone's second choice be ... JP or KAC? Thanks
    If you want fast, positively reset trigger, I like Wilson TTU-3G. Nice 2 stage, 1911-like trigger good for both fast and precise shooting is AR-Gold trigger (but for me reset is too soft).

    Disclaimer - from Geisselle line I only used original Hi-Speed National Match - Match Rifle trigger and I was not impressed. OK, very fine trigger, but I did not feel overwhelmed. But I did not compare it to stock AR trigger - almost anything can be great upgrade over regular AR trigger.

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    I really enjoy using Geisselle Triggers. I highly recommend them and they are a great company to deal with.

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    They are great triggers but $465.00 for an MR556/416 trigger group compared to $230.00 that I spent for my Sig 716 DMR trigger group. That's a hell of a difference. Not a justifiable difference in price in my opinion. None of these trigger groups should be over $250.00.
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    I have an SSA as well and it is a very good trigger. However, I would not spend the coin he's asking for the HK trigger group. Let the market speak and the prices will fall to more reasonable levels. I can't imagine a lot of consumers are buying them at that price, regardless of the current market. But I've been known often to be wrong.
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