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Thread: Current List of HK416/417 Mil/LE End-Users

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSiatonist View Post
    There are videos floating around the Net of the HK416 doing just that and NOT blowing up.
    I think you misread. I said that the problems were attributed to changes made in the HK design so that it wouldn't blow up.
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    New units in Netherlands that are using the 416:

    - SF-Marns (Also 417)
    - Kmar BSB

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    Now also in use by French Mountain Commandos :

    HK417 in DM version will be also soon used by french troops for their deployment in Afghanistan, replacing the DM Rifle "FR F2"


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    HK417 used by Sweden (Army). Very limited numbers for sure, but confirmed from a reliable source.

    I presum it's used by SOG.

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    I know OGA is using them in the Middle East.
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    Didn't see it listed here, but the Tallahassee (FL) Police Department TAC (SWAT) team recently got 416s.

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    Philippines Force Recon Marine Battalion

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    Surete de Quebec (Quebec Provincial Police) SWAT team has the HK 416 with 10.4 inch barrels and Eotechs with magnifiers. They are also issued MP-5's. I got to train with them last summer, and they were fun and accurate to shoot.

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    Illegal parameters

    Here's one pic of an HK417 in Australian service. There are many at the ADF's website.

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