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Thread: New Member, New HK45c

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    Default New Member, New HK45c

    I am officially an H&K convert. These guns are very sweet to hold and handle. This forum has helped a bunch in getting all the info i need to bite the bullet and buy this thing. I ended up going the CDNN route and it only took a few days.

    Just picked it up today. About to clean out the storage grease, lube it up and take it out to the desert for the first shots.

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    Default thanks for sharing

    sweet like chocolate... :P:P:P pics look great ! hope ya have fun with her
    Modified SA80..... HK 223 & 416.... easy for HK... I wanna see what those feckers can do with the wheel !!!

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    Sweet pistol...I can't wait to get one.

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    Very nice! Congrats! Let us know how she shoots

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    Congrats on your new weapon.

    I really like the first pic.
    Get clean shots, watch your background.

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    She shoots AWESOME! I love this gun! I swear they designed this gun specifically for me. I took it out saturday and sunday and shot 150 rounds through it. This is the best pistol I've ever shot. I'm still pretty much a novice at handgunning but have shot several different calibers and models, enough to know that this is a fantastic weapon.

    I have a dirty secret though. I have never shot a .45 caliber before I purchased this gun. I took a very calculated risk by not shooting one first and you know what? The recoil is perfectly unremarkable. It is only slightly more than my 9mm. Big whoop. My wrist felt as if I haven't even been shooting anything. Anyway, not only now do I love H&K, I also love the .45 bullet. I've gotta get this thing qualified. :)

    We did get some decent video of one magazine. That first apple pop was pretty standard, I was shooting like that all weekend with this gun even some from 20-25 yards. This gun is scarily accurate. I was kind of playing around with the rapid fire part just to see how she would take, it was kind of sloppy, but if that was a bad guy he'd be full of big holes.

    Also, I know there are alot of very advanced people here on this forum. If you would please critique my shooting technique that would be awesome. I am self-taught having never worked with an instructor. I can place some pretty swell shots but there are minor things that I know I won't pick up like you guys will. So have at it! I'll appreciate any guidance.

    One potential negative I did notice though is that a couple of times the slide stop did not catch the slide after the mag was empty. Should I be concerned about this? It happened with my brother and me. I am not sure if my thumb was resting on the slide stop and it couldn't catch or if this is a defect. Has anyone else experienced this? If not I will pay much closer attention if/when it happens again.

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    Sweet! I'm a H&K convert to! I just purchased my first H&K last week. It too is a HK45C

    what holster are you using in the video?
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    Good shot on that apple. Be careful though. It sounded like on of your rounds hit metal. Don't want to see a shooter hurt.

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    Congratulations on the acquisition!!! :D
    Hope you have a high-limit credit card! ;)


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    Congrats to you Sandman! Yeah there is no doubt in my mind that this is the perfect fit for me and my needs. The holster is just a universal range holster that fits all 5 of my pistols. It's called Uncle Mike's Sidekick (size 15) it was only $15 bucks at a local shop. I shot a 1911 for the first time over the weekend. If I would have shot that first I probably would have stayed away from that caliber. I am glad I shot an HK first, very different experience.

    Gary - Thanks man! Hey and I think you're right about the metal, I think I was a little too excited this session. Gotta keep a closer eye on that kinda thing.

    Tony - You are not joking there at all. I was in vegas over the weekend and found a shop that had a P30. Now I HAVE to get me one of those! What a nice gun and my girlfriend wants one too, haha! I'm gonna go broke. Also, I rented an MP5 and guess what? That's right, now I have to find out how to get a fully auto license and get me an MP5. I must. 100 rounds through it and every round hit the silhouette target at 7 yards. This was my first time with a fully auto period. I am now deathly afraid of anyone with a fully auto. If I could shoot like that first time, I can only imagine someone who trains with it. Yikes.

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