My First HK: MR 223
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    Default My First HK: MR 223

    I picked this up 4 weeks ago and have been out to the range several times. It was -25 C (-13 F) the first day out, and I had a crappy little 4X scope on it that I couldn't sight in properly. So I mounted this 3x9 Zeiss scope off of one of my other long rifles in desperation. Do you think it looks out of place on this rifle? I'm not going to dress it up with grips and reflex sights for a role that it will never see.
    Bulls-eyes at 100yds off the bags. Still tweaking it for 200 yds. I think it will prove to be incredibly accurate. Unfortunately this rifle is restricted to range use only in Canada. The SIG 550 is unrestricted here, so you could take it varmint hunting. That sucks. Anyway, hope you like the photos.

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    Welcome to HKPRO! And that's a beautiful rifle!

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    I hate to ask but what was the damage on that? great lookin rifle BTW

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    That is awesome. I wish I could have one.
    Get clean shots, watch your background.

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    BAD ASS! Love it.

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    I am NYC_FA's raging jealousy.
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