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    Default 3 Gun Saturday!

    Who's going????

    I'll be leaving E-town about 8:30 EDT. Anyone want to convoy?

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    Even though I had originally said I was 'in', Im now 'out' since Ill be gone all next week (most of it) and the rest of Sept will be busy.

    Good luck!
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    That was about as much fun as you can have w/ your pants on!

    We got there about 10:00 eastern time, started shooting at 11:00. Pulled back in the driveway at 7:30! The match was a total of seven stages, about 120 rounds of rifle, 50+ rounds of birdshot, and 50 rounds of pistol. I know that's not a high round count for a day at the "unorganized" range, but it makes for a pretty good match.

    I shot my RRA carbine w/ M2 Aimpoint, that old Benelli that everyone in Marion Co. has owned, and a Kimber TLE. I placed 5th out of 19 in my division. (Tactical due to the optic on rifle.)

    There were 9 shooters in Limited, about 6 in Open, and 1 in Heavy Metal.

    I'm heading to Wilmore, toward Lexington, on Sunday for another 3 gun match. This one focuses a little more on handgun.

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