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    shooting steel case ammo is's a not any harder on you gun then brass..
    it's a soft steel.. have done the's has soft as brass. and the blazer stuff..yes some leav the guns a bit blacker then others..but iv never seen a gun shoot it's self clean.

    just some weapons makers will say not to use it..covers there butt when the guns less thing for them to shell out money to fix.on there dime.

    soon they will say not to use any mag but the ones they make.

    and that gas thing..well im sure your guns are not over 9-1 on the comp
    scale.. but hey...i dont use pump gas in my street car.. 10.50 @ 134mph
    60 foot times 1.53sec thats a tad bit better then them imports.

    and the ak has been shooting steel case ammo for over 50 years now. with out falling apart..i have never had any probs with the steel stuff.. it's all been fantastic in my belt feds and mag fed weapons..or any of my buddys.
    gess it's just us.. and that wolf well ill buy all i can get!

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    My P30L ate everything from wolf to Hornaday HPs

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